You are currently viewing documentation for Linnworks Desktop, if you are looking for documentation, click here. ~ API is the new browser based platform for Linnworks and this has been developed to work with a new API which is more in-depth and responsive.

The new API is located at a new end-point (eg. and has no direct relation to the existing API as detailed in this guide. Both versions of the API will run concurrently meaning that it will be possible to use portions of both API's through the same project if required. 

The new API Documentation will be updated as new functions are implemented.

We are working on a sample c# desktop application to demonstrate use of the new API, which can be downloaded from the following links:


Release Date Release Notes Download Link
20th May, 2015
Updated to support multi-server Download Here
29th April, 2015
Update to fix build error
20th April, 2015
Multi-login support added. This feature will not be enabled yet.
24th February, 2015
Added ability to add new products to order, run custom queries
12th February, 2015
Added ability to modify orders, add new order
29th January, 2015
Added Open Orders View
21st January, 2015
Initial Release


Eventually the previous version of the API will be depracated, but the date for this is not yet defined and will not be set until the API is more established giving time to port existing code to the new API.