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This article details the way Linnworks handles Giftwrap when it is ordered on Amazon

Giftwrap Item

During download of orders from Amazon, Linnworks checks for Gift Wrap items by using the GiftWrap price as defined on the Order Item

  • If the Gift Wrap price is not empty and not equal to zero the item is assumed to be a Gift Wrap Item
  • Linnworks performs the following actions on a Gift Wrap item
    • The item title is prefixed with 'GiftWrap - '
    • The item is defined as a Service 
    • The item price is set from the amazon Gift Wrap price
    • The item quantity is set to 1
    • The item number is prefixed with 'G'
    • The item channel sku is set to empty
    • If the item has a Gift Wrap message, this is added as an Order Note