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Auto Local Sync


Auto Sync allows Linnworks to sync orders, stock levels, run Data Imports/Exports, Scripts/Macros and fulfilment centre data. To use Auto Sync, the feature must be enabled and Linnworks must be running on your PC. The option is only required to be set on a single PC as all Client PC's use the same Linnworks database. If new orders are visible on one PC and not on another use the Refresh button in Open Orders to update the screen.

Do NOT enable Auto Sync on more than one PC connected to you account. If this is done it may result in errors such as duplicate orders produced in Linnworks

How to enable Auto sync

  • Click on the Settings tab;
  • Click on Application Settings;
  • Auto Synchronization -> Sync Periodically;
  • Select the required period (10/15/20/40/60/120 minutes) between syncs from the drop down box;
  • Restart Linnworks.

How to Disable Auto sync

  • Click on the Settings tab;
  • Click on Application Settings;
  • Auto Synchronization -> Sync Periodically;
  • Select 0 from the drop down box;
  • Restart Linnworks.