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Available Stock Levels - Inventory Sync

When you use Inventory Synchronization for your channels in Linnworks, we return a level we referr to as 'Available Stock Level'.

This value, as shown in your Inventory list below, is based on the concept that Open Orders for an item are waiting to be fulfilled, and therefore the stock is allocated to it.

Therefore your Available Stock Level is calculated as follows:

Physical stock (Level) - Stock in Open Orders = Available Stock.

Since our communication with the channel is via the Sync process, Whenever you Sync, we:

- Check for any new Orders waiting to be downloaded on all enabled Channels.

- Update the 'In Open Orders' Level for each item based on the newly downloaded orders.

- Update the 'Available Stock Level'.

- Compare the 'Available Stock Level' to the level last submitted to the channel listings linked to that inventory item.

- If the level has changed, flag the item for update.

- Once all inventory items have been checked, send the updated Available Stock Level for each Inventory item that has been flagged for update to the linked listings, Channel by channel.

Therefore, if you have 12 of item A in stock, and 2 in open orders, your available stock level is 10. We would send this to the channel. If you then sold an item in Amazon, when you next Synced, we would receive that into Open Orders, and that would 
cause the Available Stock Level to drop to 9.

As the level has changed, the item would be flagged for update, and in that same sync we would return an update to all the channels that had a listing linked to item A with the new Available Stock Level of 9.