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Booking the Stock In

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The Stock In screen is used to book newly arriving stock into the system. This functionality allows you to scan SKU or barcodes in the dedicated screen and add the items to your stock. Most commonly this functionality is used to scan products in when you accept a delivery of goods from a supplier.

The system automatically shows you all Purchase Orders where this stock item is currently registered as being on order from supplier and lets you register this item as delivered against a specific Purchase Order.

When a product is scanned in the system also displays all Open Orders which have this product on order.

Functionality description

To access the screen go to Inventory Control > Stock In


  • Item Scan - barcode or SKU of the product
  • Quantity - quantity of items being booked in to the system
  • To Location - the location into which the stock will be booked in
  • Stock Level - (read only) current stock level in the selected location (To Location)
  • In Open Orders - the number of items currently in open orders
  • Awaiting from suppliers - the number of items currently in purchase orders as undelivered
  • Orders awaiting shipping - the list of all open orders with this stock item on order
  • Purchase orders - the list of all purchases with this stock item on order

To book the stock item into stock and mark it of as delivered from a specific purchase order- make sure the Mark as Delivered when booked in is turned on, tick the purchase order which you are marking as delivered (click on + sign to expand the line to see all stock items in the purchase order).


  • if the delivery location of the purchase order does not match To Location selected the system will no proceed and error prompt will be shown.
  • The order of marking of as delivered is from oldest purchase order to newest. For example if you have two purchase orders with 5 products on order in each and you are booking in 7 into stock, when both purchase orders are selected - the system will mark 5 as delivered in the older PO of the two and marks of 3 as delivered in the newer one.
  • If booking more items that there is in Purchase Orders - all the purchase orders will be marked off as delivered and the rest will be booked into the system as Direct Adjustments

To process open orders when the stock item is booked in - make sure Process selected orders when booked in option is turned on, tick the orders which you would like to process (click + sign to expand the line to see all order items)


  • When the option is selected, the program will automatically tick earliest orders when you change Quantity value (from earliest to newest)
  • The Order Process screen will be displayed for every order you are ticked (from earliest to newest)


  • ALT + I - set focus to Item Scan
  • ALT + Q - set focus to Quantity field
  • ALT + L - set focus to To Location field
  • ALT + F - find product by part of the SKU, item title or barcode
  • ALT + B - Book In button click
  • ALT + O - set focus to Open Orders list
  • ALT + P - set focus to Purchase Orders list
  • ALT + R - turn on/off Process selected orders when booked
  • ALT + D - turn on/off Mark as Delivered when booked

Item Scan -> enter -> Quantity -> enter -> Book In focus -> enter -> Book In clicked

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Booking Stock In

How to book stock in from purchase order. Stock In screen can be used to book stock in one by one or in a batch and automatically lookup relevant orders

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