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The CRM screen contains two tabs, Customer and Coupons.


This screen allows you to search customers in your system, view their details and edit / update their information. To search for a customer, choose a search type (Name, Account Number or Email), enter some text and click the Search button. This will bring up a grid of customers matching the search term.(Hint: To show all customers, use Name as search type and %%% as search term). Right clicking on a customer and selecting View Customer allows you to view and edit the customer’s details, view a summary of their orders and see their coupons. Once you have finished making changes to the customer click the Save or Cancel button.


The Coupons screen displays a list of all of your coupons. Clicking on the Expand button to the left of a coupon will show all active coupons. You can search Coupons by selecting a search type (Coupon Name, Barcode, Customer Name, Category or Item), entering some text and clicking the Search Button.

Creating New Coupons

To create a new Coupon first click the New Coupon button.You will be presented with Add / Edit Coupon screen from which you can create new coupons, update existing coupons and also create new instances of existing coupons.


The following fields are available from this screen:

  • Coupon Name – The name given to this particular coupon
  • Type – Either Account, Discount or Percentage. 
    • Account is used for customer accounts or gift cards (anything where the coupon has a balance)
    • Discount is used for flat discounts such as £10 off
    • Percentage is for percentage discounts off of the order total
  • Value – For discount or percentage coupons this is the value that will be deducted from the order when used
  • Item – Click find to search for a specific inventory item to link the coupon to for validation
    • If no item is selected, the coupon can be used for any Inventory Item
  • Category – Select a category from the drop down for which this coupon is valid for
    • If no category is selected the coupon will not validate against Category, hence it will be available for all categories
  • Minimum Spend – Minimum spend for order or particular item / category in order to receive the specified discount.


  • Balance / Uses – If creating an Account coupon you can specify the balance while discount / percentage coupons can be limited by uses. Setting the Uses to -1 will create an infinite use coupon.
  • Barcode – Barcode for the coupon. Each individually tracked coupon needs to have a unique barcode in order to identify it. Tick the Generate option to automatically insert a randomly generated barcode into this field.
  • Customer – Double clicking on the customer text box allows you to tie a coupon to a particular customer. Search for the customer in the search form and double click to accept the customer to the account.
  • Expiry Date – Click the check box to specify an expiry date for the coupon.



Update Coupon

The Update Coupon button has two uses, firstly to create a new instance of an existing coupon template and secondly to update the number of uses / balance of an existing account.If you select a parent row in the Coupons grid and click the Update Coupon button you will be able to create a new instance of that coupon, specifying a new barcode, customer, balance / uses using the existing coupon information. Selecting a child row will give you the option to update the balance or uses.


1. 20% off when you spend £100 for all customers, mass printed.

In this example you would create a new Percentage coupon with the value of 20 and minimum spend of 100. After clicking yes, set the uses to -1 (infinite uses) and set a barcode. As the coupon is not tied to a customer we don’t need to set a customer. All customers can then use this same coupon and it will have unlimited uses.

2. Individual Gift Cards per customer.

In this example you will need to create an Account type coupon called ‘Gift Card’. On the next screen create a balance for the first user and enter or generate the barcode. Lastly tie it to a customer and save. For future Gift Cards select the newly created Gift Card in the Coupons screen and click Update Coupon. Enter a balance, barcode and customer before saving.

Redeeming Coupons

You can redeem coupons in two places in the system, the New Orders screen and within the EPOS system.

In the New Orders screen, once you have entered the customers information and added the items for their order, click the Coupons button to bring up the Coupon dialog control. Once you have scanned / entered the coupon barcode a validation message will appear and if valid the total discount value will be updated. If the coupon is valid for this order, hit the Action Coupon button to action the coupon against the order.


To action a coupon through EPOS, first create an order as usual then click Complete. On the complete screen select the Coupon option, scan or enter the coupon’s barcode and then click the Complete button if valid to action the coupon against the order.