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Cdiscount Price Sync


Cdiscount price synchronisation is designed to speed up the process of updating Cdiscount once a Linnworks stock item has had its listing price manually updated and saved. Once enabled, the live listing prices will be updated from Linnworks.

Note : Linnworks will populate the price field of inventory listed on Cdiscount for new listings downloaded in the mapping screen only. After downloading new listings, prices will be updated based on the Linnworks price, ie: any changes to the price made directly on Cdiscount will be overridden when a price is updated on Linnworks.  
As of Hotfix H576, the Price Update feature will pass updates regardless of the method used to change them (Scripts, automated and manual imports, manual changes and Direct Database updates), provided that Price has a specific Source and SubSource value for that channel. It will also


Enabling Cdiscount Price Synchronisation

  • 1.1 Settings (Fig 1.1) -> Channel Integration. (Fig 1.2) 
  • 1.2 Select the 'Config' option corresponding to the Cdiscount channel. (Fig 1.3)

(Fig 1.1) (Fig 1.2) (Fig 1.3)ChannelScreen_thumb.PNG

  • 1.3 Tick the Update Inventory/Pricing option (Fig 1.4)

(Fig 1.4) PricingButton.png

Triggering Cdiscount Price Sync

To trigger a price update via the Linnworks Sync process, please follow the steps below.

  • 2.1 Inventory Control  -> My Inventory 
  • 2.2 Find required Inventory item
  • 2.3 Click Edit Item
  • 2.4 Select the Listing Descriptions tab (Fig 2.1)
(Fig 2.1) Listing Description Page_thumb.PNG
  • 2.5 Add / Edit the price for the appropriate Cdiscount channel  (Fig 2.2).
  • 2.6 Click Save to apply the changes.
  • 2.7 Linnworks will submit the changes to push to Cdiscount on a twenty minute cycle.
(Fig 2.2) Price_thumb.PNG
  • 2.8 Once the listing is amended the icon in the Listing Description tab will be updated to reflect this

Before (Fig 2.4) / Pending (2.5) / After (2.6) / Failure (2.7)


If there is a warning, then more information can be found from the stock item audit feature.

(Fig 2.4) Cdiscount_save_notsent.png (Fig 2.5) Cdiscount_Save_pending.png 
(Fig 2.6) Cdiscount_Savesuccess.png (Fig 2.7) Cdiscount_Save_error.png