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Creating a new Order


New orders can be created in the system manually. The system refers to these orders as DIRECT, meaning it has been raised internally in the system. Such orders can be telephone sales, reorders or if you need to merge several external orders into one.


Creating a new Order

To create a new order go to the Order Book tab and then click New Order



1OrderBook NewOrder.png



This will display the New Order screen. In this screen you will be able to enter the customer's details, enter the status of the order, date of the order, an order reference, order items and shipping information



Order Status



From here you can change certain order details. You can change the Date the order was placed, the payment method, the orders reference, Status, Currency and source. As a default, the Date will be todays date, and all other options will be set to default.


To add or Edit a payment method, Click the 'Add/Edit' button next to the Payment Method Drop Down Menu. From here you can make a new or edit an existing Payment method, 


To add an order note, click the Grey box next to ‘Order Notes’. A window will appear allowing you to double click a field to add a value




Entering Customer Details

Customer details entry can be found on the left of the screen


4Customer Details.png


The required fields for Customer Details are:

  • Name
  • Address 1
  • Town
  • Post Code
  • Country
  • E-Mail Address


These are the most basic pieces of information required to ship a parcel via a courier. It is good practice to fill out as much information as possible about the customer. You can use the look up arrow to the left of a text box, to search for details already in Linnworks, based on the input. 


Adding an item to the order

Next items will need to be added to the order, this can be done by clicking the Add New button on the right of the Order Items section of the screen.



Here you can search for an item either by SKU, Title or Barcode. When you have found the item that has been ordered, double click it to add it to the Order.

To edit the quantity for an item, simply click on the quantity and then change it to the desired value then press enter.


Adding a service

You can add a service to your order by clicking the Add a service button

6Add a Service.png

Adding Additional information

You can add additional information to an item within the order for your own reference. To do this, press the Additional Information button.


7Additional Info 1.png


From this screen you can add a property or a value as additional information. This additional information can be viewed underneath the item in the order screen.



Shipping Information

Underneath the Customer details you can edit the shipping details.



From here you can change the Service, Packaging, P&P cost, and you can even set a tracking number.

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