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Setting up for the Day


This guide is aimed at providing detail on the features required most commonly used to set up EPOS on a daily basis

Cash Register

It is important to know exactly how much money has passed through the till in a day. This is enabled through use of the Start and End of Day funcionality which is accessed through Buttons -> Cash Reg

The Cash Register (Buttons -> Cash Reg) provides access to setting up/closing down the till along with how much money is currently in the till

Start of Day

At the start of the day there will be money put into the till. This money, or ‘float’, is used to give as change for the first few sales. Once a new day has been started in the epos system, the starting amount of money in the till must be entered.

  • Buttons -> Cash Reg (Fig 1.1)
  • Start New Day (Fig 1.2)
  • Enter the value for the cash in the till at the start of the day (Fig 1.3)
  • Click OK
Fig 1.1Cash Register Fig 1.2 Settings Fig 1.3 Settings

Cash In

During the day, the till might run out of the necessary coins needed to hand out change, so the user will need to put more money in the till so they can give change correctly. This can be logged into the system so the Cash Reg option can record it. This is done using the Cash in Button.

  • Buttons -> Cash In
 Fig 2.1Cash In

Cash Out

If the till has too much money that it becomes an inconvenience or security risk, money can be taken out of the till. This can also be logged and displayed in the Cash Reg window by using the Cash out option

  • Buttons -> Cash Out
 Fig 3.1CashOut.png

Current Cash Report

  • Buttons -> Cash Reg -> Current Cash Report
   Fig 4.1 Settings

End Day

When closing down for the day an End of Day Report can be produced to check the amount of money in the till is correct

Buttons -> Cash Reg -> End of Day Report

The generated report is immediatly opened in the default browser for printing purposes

  Fig 5.1 EPOS_EndDay_thumb.png