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Shop Price


With EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) it is possible to set a different price the inventory item is sold for in the shop to the price used to sell on a channel. This guide describes the the process for setting up the price for an inventory item for EPOS

Quick Guide

  • 1. Set the Store Name in EPOS -> Buttons -> EPOS Settings -> General
  • 2. Add the Price to the Inventory Item -> Edit Item -> Listing Descriptions

Detailed Guide

1. Set the Store Name in EPOS

  • Click Buttons -> EPOS Settings
  • Select the General tab
  • Enter a name for the store in to the EPOS Store Name field eg 'Shop 1' (Fig 1.1)
Fig 1.1  

2. Add the price to the Inventory Item

  • Click Inventory Control -> My Inventory
  • Find the required Inventory Item
  • Click Edit Item
  • Click Listing Descriptions
  • Product Pricing by Channel, click Add New (Fig 2.1)
  • Enter the following values (Fig 2.2)
    • Source = EPOS
    • SubSource = value defined in EPOS, eg 'Shop 1'
  • Click Add
  • The new Store price is now added to the Inventory Item (Fig 2.3)
  • Click Save
Fig 2.1   Fig 2.2   Fig 2.3  
Please note this updated price will not be available until EPOS has been restarted and system data has been cached

Bulk Update

The process shown above details how to individually add a price to a single item in Linnworks. It is possible to add the price to Inventory Items in Bulk using the Data Import functionality. For details on how to to this please refer to the following documentation, Product Descriptions and attribute import