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USPS - Endicia Label Server Integration


  • Linnworks integrates directly with Endicia Label Server providing the functionality to control the printing of various types of labels, arrange collections, control when and how shipments are handled.

Endicia Label Server Integration

  • Open Linnworks
  • Go to the Settings tab and open Shipping Management
  • Scroll down to Endicia Label Server and click on the Configure symbol
Fig 1.1  Shipping Management Fig 1.2  Endicia Configurator

Account Details

  • Enter you Account ID and Passphrase
  • This will be given to you by Endicia
  • If you haven't received this please contact them at "" and then Test your Credentials
  • There's then the choice of the Accounts Environment, this is where the labels can be made and tested in Testing Mode before changing your account to a Live account
Fig 2.1  Account Details

From Address

  • Click on the drop down arrow to the right of the From Address to enter your American returns address
Fig 3.1  From Address

Sender Settings

  • If the Show Return Address box is ticked the Returns Address will be printed on the label
  • The name of the Customs Signer must be entered as this is for Customs to know who is responsible for packing the items
  • Date Advance is how many days between consignment despatches
Fig 4.1  Sender Settings

Buy Postage

  • To buy postage, re-enter your Endicia Account's Passphrase
  • Here is also the option of not having to do this again
  • The estimated balance of your account with Endicia is shown (it will automatically update when you print labels)
  • Select how much postage you would like to purchase from the drop down box and click Buy Postage to make the purchase or Cancel
Fig 5.1  Buy Postage

Arrange Collection

  • Click on the Arrange Collection box to enter the details for your collections
  • In the Package Location you can choose to leave information about where the package is if it hasn't been able to be delivered into the hands of the buyer
  • Enter Special Instructions if there are any
  • Set the dates of processed orders you want to include in the collection
  • Once this info is filled in click on the Book Next Available Collection bar at the bottom
Fig 6.1  Arrange Collection Fig 6.2  Package Location

Cancel Shipments

  • To cancel an order off of a shipment enter the Order ID and click OK
  • This will bring up the Order details
  • Click on the Void Shipping if wanting to cancel off the order
Fig 7.1  Cancel Shipments

Printer Config

  • In this you will find a list of available printers that you can then adjust to suit your needs
  • To change the Format simply double click in the box to bring up a drop down of choices
  • The Rotation can also be changed
  • To reset the printers back to their default setting just click on Reset
Fig 8.1  Printer Config

Label/Printer Mapping

  • This is where you can choose what type of labels are printed on which printer and with which kind of paper
  • They automatically show as System Default but click in the Selected Printer column next to the type of label you desire and a drop down of printer choices will show
  • Click in the Paper column for a selection of paper types to show
  • You can also change the Margins, the Orientation and the Scale
Fig 9.1  Label/Printer Mapping

Property Mapping

  • These properties are extended properties on the stock items used to describe international packages when they arrive at customs.
  • CountryOfOrigin should be the two-letter ISO-3166-1 Alpha-2 country code (e.g. FR for France or AU for Australia) or it can be the full country name (e.g. Canada or Italy).
  • HSTariffNumber values for your items are available from the US International Trade Commission website.
  • ContentsExplanation is a 50-character max description of the item. If there are multiple items in a shipment, you will be asked to describe the package contents or select the explanation. There is also a service-level option to accept the first item's description for the entire order without showing a dialog.
Fig 10.1  Extended Property Mapping

Adding a New Service

  • To add a new service click on the Add button
  • Select the service you require from the list and click OK
  • This brings up Endicia's Service Config
  • In here you can set up the service to do exactly as you wish
Fig 11.1  Adding a New Service Fig 11.2  Endicia's Service Config

Selecting Mailpiece Shape and LabelSize

  • For each service, you must select a valid combination of Mail Class, Label Type, Mailpiece Shape and LabelSize otherwise you will get errors like "Missing or invalid element: Mailpiece Shape", "Missing or invalid element: Label Size".
  • A list of valid combinations is provided in this document: Endicia Label Server Valid Combinations
Fig 12.1  Invalid mailpiece shape Fig 12.2  Invalid Label Size


  • When submitting order item data to UPS, Linnworks will not send composite child items. If your order contains a composite item, only data from the composite parent will be submitted.