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FedEx Integration


Fedex.pngLinnworks can directly integrate with FedEx to allow the printing of shipping labels. This document describes the process of enabling FedEx services in linnworks. FedEx labels can be automatically sent to a thermal printer, printed on an invoice or sent to PDF.

Note: If you are wanting to process domestic shipments within the UK then you need to get the FedEx desktop software, however the API can still be used for UK to International shipments

Setup and Configure


You must be an existing FedEx customer in order to use the FedEx shipping module within linnworks. If you are not an existing customer you will need to contact FedEx and setup an account. 

Acquiring an API Access Key


Enter your login details and select Web Services for shipping

Fedex integration login to retrieve API access key

Click on Develop & Test your application (highlighted in red).

Click on Obtain Developer Test Key (highlighted in red)

Complete the application form as displayed below

After completing the form you will be given some account test information

  • A Test API Access Key
  • Test Password
  • Test Meter Number
  • Test Account Number

FedEx will email you the Test Password

Enabling FedEx Module

1. Go to Settings -> Shipping Management, next click on the configure icon

2. Enter your API Access Key, Password, Meter Number and Account Number.


3. Next enter the shipper address, including country.

4. Click Test Login to Authenticate your account. If all the details are correct it display a popup saying OK.

Acquiring a Production Key

Note: You will need to contact FedEx about moving to production, they will then provide you with a list of services that labels needed to be printed for, this must be done before proceeding on to aquiring your Production Details. Not doing so may cause your meter number not to be registered or not being able to authorise through the FedEx API.

It is required by FedEx to setup your account as a Production account once you have tested the system. This will give you new account information and enable your account so that real shipping lables can be printed and manifests can be created.

To Setup production enter your login details and select Web Services for shipping


Once logged in, click on the Move to Production link.

Next click on the Obtain Production Key link

After completing the registration process you will be given your Production credentials.

  • API Access Key
  • Password
  • Meter Number
  • Account Number

Re-Enter these details into the FedEx - Configuration screen in Linnworks, click Test Login

Creating Postal Services

Postal services can either be added manually or you can Create Default list. Creation of the default list is the suggested method of creating your services.

Adding a Service

To add a service, click the add button

Select a Postal Service Name from the list and click OK.

If you do not have any Services setup in postal service methods the list may only contain Default and Standard.

Click in the FedEx Service field for the added service.

Define if the service can be split, if the value needs to be declared and if an International Form is required by clicking on the appropriate fields

Finally click save on the right.

Creating the Default list of services

To add the default list click Create Default List button. Then click OK, this will now create all the default services that are available for FedEx.

This will then create all the Default services and map them accordingly.

If you then want to delete some services, simply click the Remove button.

After the services have been created and edited accordingly click the Save button on the top right of the window.

Setting a Printer

Labels can be printed direct to a printer or can be sent to PDF for printing later.

Printing to PDF

When printing labels to PDF the labels per page can be selected to one per page or two per page. This can be done by clicking on the image of the label.

If PDF labels are being printed to a thermal 6x4 printer then select single label per page.

Printing to Printer

To print directly to a printer, click on the Send to Printer Button, this will display the options ofr selecting the Printer, Paper Size, Margins, Scale and orientation of the label.

Printing direct to a printer will print one label per page.

Voiding a Shipment

To void a shipment go to Settings -> Shipping Management -> Fedex

You will see a Void Shipment button, click it.

Once opened it will display a Void Shipment where you can search orders by order id and void the shipments.

Printing a Label in Open Orders

If an order is allocated to a postal service which is mapped to a FedEx service – the system will automatically send the Shipment request to FedEx, generate a label and record a tracking number (or multiple tracking number in case of split order package). 

Note: there are multiple ways an order can be allocated to the postage service in Linnworks – macro allocation, downloading postage service from the channel directly, manual editing of the order or selecting the service at the time of printing the label (in Process Order screen). Screenshot below shows the allocation by editing the order manually.


To print label from the Open Order screen - select the orders you would like to print (you can select multiple orders in one batch). Right click > Print > Print Label

Linnworks will either generate a PDF file with all labels merged in one document or will directly send the label to the printer, depending on setup.

If a label printing resulted in error you will see an error sign next to the order. Move the mouse over the error icon to see the error message


All the tracking numbers for the shipment will be recorded against the order. You can view it in View Order card (among many other places)

Splitting packages

If the service you allocated to the order is configured as “Splittable” and an order contains more than one item, Linnworks will prompt you to split an order packaging at the point of printing.

Click on the Split cell to bring up the order packaging splitting screen.

To split the order drag and drop the order items from the grid onto the space provided at the bottom.

Dragging onto a empty space will create new "Bin". Dragging onto existing "Bin" will result in adding the dragged item into the selected bin.

To drag only certain number of items into a bin, specify how many items you would like to add in the Move Quantity field before dragging the item.

International Shipments considerations

Some FedEx International services including those to some European destinations must, where necessary, have, weight, dimensions and content of each package clearly specified. The actual requirements will depend on service, destination country and contract type (e.g. volumetric) – Full details are available from FexEx.

In order to successfully print International labels the following minimum conditions must be met for each interntional label:

  • The order must have weight. Ideally each order item must have weight specified in Linnworks.
  • The packaging must be selected
  • Each order item cost must be specified in the order (0 order items will result in error, unless this is a resend in which case Linnworks will set the order item value to 0.0001)
  • In case of split order packaging, each package must have weight, dimensions and a number of items in the package.