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Flubit Inventory Mapping


The Inventory Mapping tool allows you to select which SKUs should be listed on Flubit and the price at which the SKUs should be sold.

After your initial synchronisation, any new items you list to the specified Amazon channel will appear in the inventory mapping tool to be listed.

Accessing the Mapping Screen

Use the following steps to open the 'Inventory Mapping tool' for an Amazon Channel

  • 1. Click Settings (Fig 1.1)
  • 2. Click Channel Integration (Fig 1.2)
  • 3. Click Mapping next to the required Flubit Channel (Fig 1.3)
Fig 1.1 EPOS Start Menu Fig 1.2 EPOS Start Menu Fig 1.3 EPOS Start Menu



The Mapping Screen in Detail

Within the mapping screen you select to enable/disable a product on Flubit by checking the enabled checkbox.

You can change the Flubit Base Price (FBS) of an item by changing the value in the Flubit Price Collumn, however by default the Default discount to apply to new items value you specified in the configuration would automatically have been applied.

Click the 'List Items or Relist Failed' option to send the updates to Flubit. We will send Flubit your Amazon SKU number as opposed to the Linnworks SKU number.

Attention, Before sending your SKUs to Flubit please check that the Flubit Prices are correct. If you do not have your Amazon price within Linnworks the Flubit Base Price will show as £0.