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The system keeps detailed logs of all changes to the listings. You can review these logs by navigating to Settings -> Channel Integration -> Click on the "Mapping" button for your ebay integration then clicking View Log on the top right.

The screen splits the logs into 3 sections, Active Listings, Pending Relist and Ended (latest 10000 listings are shown for Ended listings). To view the log, double click on the record to bring up the log of the changes and actions (only actions performed or rejected by Linnworks are shown in this log any direct actions on eBay are not recorded here).

How to view Listing specific information

To view specific information about the selected listing then double click on the listing. This will display the date the event happened, source of the log and the entry for the log.

The logs will display the following information:

  • Quantity changes
  • Relists
  • Ending listings
  • Changes from eBay such as if eBay has ended the listing instead of linnworks
  • Rejections for relisting or ending
  • Errors produced on relisting, quantity changes or ending listings