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Interlink Direct Integration


  • Interlink integrates directly with Linnworks giving the capability to print various types of labels and configure Interlink Services for your account Fig 1.1 shows the Interlink Main View
Fig 1.1  Interlink Main View

Please Note:

  • Before trying to Integrate Interlink please contact them to gain an Account number
  • Completing the initial Registration Page sends the account requirements to Interlink for them to analyse, Interlink then send an email back via Geopost with more details needed to continue the Registration process
  • If you already have the Authorisation Code, Parcel Range and Consignment Range directly from Interlink this is the only time that we advise to click Skip on the 1st Registration Page
  • Clicking Complete or Skip moves the Registration on to the next stage without an option of going back
  • Please follow the Integration instructions on