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Interlink Direct Integration



Interlink integrates directly with Linnworks giving you the capability to print various types of labels and configure Interlink Services for your account

1 Interlink Integration

  • 1.1 Open Linnworks
  • 1.2 Go to the Settings tab and open Shipping Management 
  • 1.3 Scroll down to Interlink Fig 1.1
  • 1.4 Click on the Configure symbol Fig 1.2
Fig 1.1  Shipping Management Fig 1.2  Interlink Configure Symbol
Before entering this information contact Interlink to gain an Account Number

2 Interlink Account Registration

  • 2.1 Enter your details in the Interlink Register page Fig 2.1 please see for more details on how to complete
  • 2.2 Select required services by ticking the Required box for the relevant service Fig 2.2
  • 2.3 To move on from this initial Registration Page and send the details to Interlink click Complete Fig 2.3
  • 2.4 Please note that only clicking on the Complete or Skip buttons finalise the details and will move the registration to the next stage, clicking close will reopen this stage Fig 2.1 whenever you click on the Interlink Config Fig 1.1 and not allow moving on to the next stage of the registration process
  • 2.5 Once Complete or Skip has been clicked this Registration page will not be accessible again
  • 2.6 If the Authorisation Code, Parcel Range and Consignment Range has already been gained directly from Interlink instead of by filling out the Interlink Registration page, click Skip Fig 2.3 to move on to the Register Details stage
Fig 2.1  Interlink Registration Fig 2.2  Interlink Select Services Fig 2.3  Interlink Skip or Complete
Only click Skip in Fig 2.3 if you have received the Authorisation Code, Parcel Range and Consignment Range directly from Interlink thus being able to move on to Register Details Fig 3.1
Before doing anything else wait for the Config to arrive from Geopost via email, this will contain the information needed to progress with the Interlink Integration, the email response can take up to 48hrs

3 Interlink Account Registration Continued

  • 3.1 Upon gaining the Config from Geopost follow the instruction above for Fig 1.1 & Fig 1.2
  • 3.2 In the Register Details page Fig 3.1 enter the Linnworks Login information for Email amd Password followed by the Authorisation Code, Parcel Range and Consignment Range information from the received Geopost Config
  • 3.3 Click OK to complete Registration 
Fig 3.1   Register Details

4 Interlink Configuration

  • 4.1 Once your Registration is complete the Interlink Configuration page will show with the Account Number and Authorisation Code Fig 4.1
  • 4.2 We recommend ticking the Test Account button Fig 4.2 as this stops any settings or requests being sent to Interlink whilst giving the user the ability to Test Labels and practice with the Manifest before going live.
  • 4.3 Once confident that the settings are correct please file the existing Manifest first, see below in Interlink Manifest or in Fig 4.3, and then please untick the Test Account to make the Account Live 
  • 4.4 Once the Account is Live all future Manifests will be sent to Interlink rather than saved to the local drive (C:) on your PC.
Fig 4.1  Interlink Configuration Fig 4.2  Interlink Test Account Fig 4.3  Before Going Live

5 Interlink Sender Information

  • 5.1 Click on the Sender Information button
  • 5.2 This brings up an address box Fig 5.1
  • 5.3 Please fill this in with the registered company's details as this will be used in case of returns
Fig 5.1  Interlink Sender Information

6 Interlink Print Test Labels

  • 6.1 Click on the Print Test Labels button
  • 6.2 This brings up a Test Label option box Fig 6.1
  • 6.3 Click International or Domestic depending on which labels you want to test
  • 6.4 Click Get Labels
  • 6.5 When happy with the information shown click on Print Labels
  • For more information on printers go to
Fig 6.1  Interlink Print Test Labels
When the Test Labels have been printed they will need to be sent to Interlink for verification, when verified Interlink will then notify you that the Account is OK to go live

7 Interlink Manifest

  • 7.1 Click on the Manifest button to bring up the Manifest page Fig 7.1
  • 7.2 The Current Manifest will show a list of orders that are awaiting sending using the added Interlink Services, see below in Interlink Adding Services, in the next consignment
  • 7.3 Click Refresh to pull in all up to date order information for the consignment Fig 7.2
  • 7.4 Please be aware even when different types of Next Day services have been selected for orders for example 32 ExpressPak - Next Day & 12 Parcel - Next Day the Manifest will only show the Service Group of Next Day.
  • 7.5 Click File Manifest Fig 7.2 when the consignments details are complete as this will send the details to Interlink via FTP and then file the Current Manifest
  • 7.6 These will be submitted to Interlink only when the Test Account box has been unticked
  • 7.7 In Filed Manifest Fig 7.3 you search by Consignment number to be able to view it's details
Fig 7.1  Interlink Current Manifest Fig 7.2  Interlink Refresh or File Fig 7.3  Interlink Filed Manifest

8 Interlink Label and Printer Settings

  • 8.1 For the Label Settings please choose between PDF or Send to Printer Fig 8.1
  • 8.2 Clicking on the Printer drop down will bring up a list of available Printers to use Fig 8.2
  • 8.3 The option of setting Margins is also given, as is the Orientation and Scale of the document Fig 8.3

8.1 Printing with ZPL

  • 8.1.1 If you have a thermal printer, you may be able to use a format called ZPL. This allows your printer to print at its highest quality. If your printer supports it, please select the Use ZPL option. Fig 8.4
  • 8.1.2 For additional information please refer to
Fig 8.1  Interlink PDF or Printer Fig 8.2  Interlink Printer Selection Fig 8.3  Interlink Other Printing Options Fig 8.4  UseZPL

9 Interlink Adding Services

  • 9.1 Once setting up the Configurator has been completed, services need to be added
  • 9.2 Click on the Add button Fig 9.1
  • 9.3 This will bring up an Add Interlink Service box Fig 9.2, click on the Linnworks service you require and click on OK
  • 9.4 This Linnworks Service will then appear in the main view of the Config in the PostalServiceName column for mapping to a Interlink Service Fig 9.3
  • 9.5 To map the service double click in the adjacent box in PostalServiceCode column to bring up a drop down selection of services Fig 9.3
  • 9.6 Select Service, this will now appear in the main config page. Do this for all needed services
  • 9.7 Tick the Splittable boxes if order splitting is required Fig 9.3
  • 9.8 Save upon exiting the Configuration to save the changes made Fig 9.3
Fig 9.1  Interlink Add New Services Fig 9.2  Add Interlink Service Fig 9.3  Map Interlink Service

10 International Shipping and Volumetric Weight

  • When your parcel travels to an international destination the charge will be based on either the volumetric or the actual weight, whichever is greater.
  • To ship internationally you need to have your packaging groups set-up with the correct dimensions otherwise you will get an error and labels will not print.
  • Packing group documentation can be found here: here.
  • More details about volumetric weight can be found on Interlink's website