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April 2015

28 April 2015 - Release 2.3.46

TypeSummaryList of Changes
Change Price for child items of variation

LinnLive will send price for each variation child, as it is specified in listing template's Variations section.

Change Send empty value for sale_price attribute if it does not have value in LinnLive

LinnLive will send empty value for sale_price attribute, even when there is no value specified. This will allow to remove sale_price from the listing on Bigcommerce.


TypeSummaryList of Changes
Change Make required changes and update SDK library to the version 917

eBay SDK updated to version 917. GetItFast flag removed. Now eBay assigns the "Fast 'N Free" badge for listings that offer both fast and free shipping options.

Change Allow Update "Out of stock" Variation Listings if items have 0 stock in Linnworks

LinnLive will not prevent variation listings with 0 combined quantity to update. If OutOfStock feature is enabled on eBay, listing will be set to out of stock, if not, eBay will return an error.

Bug Exception returned during adjustment process of a large number of templates

Now it is possible to process with adjustments in case there are more than 1000 items to adjust at once.

Bug Increase timeout for templates adjustment from Inventory/Variations screen

Adjustment timeout increased, it is now possible to adjust more items at once from inventory/variations screen.


TypeSummaryList of Changes
Bug Exception is returned when opening or updating a template with no stock items

Templates with no stock items will be skipped during update price process.


TypeSummaryList of Changes
Bug Correctly create new variation attributes when editing variation template

Fixed creation or changing variation attribute values in template (Variations window) in case of a new value.

Change Change required Magento extension version

Magento extension version should be at least 1.1.62 to support current functionality.


Magento Extension
TypeSummaryList of Changes
Bug Revising Magento configurator creates duplicated values in the Attribute Options menu in the backend

An issue with duplicated values in configurator was fixed.


TypeSummaryList of Changes
Optimisation Improve and increase speed of getting item extended properties

Improved performance of getting attributes from item extended properties and item details.

21 April 2015 - Release 2.3.45

TypeSummaryList of Changes
Change 'Batch Size' setting

Implemented Batch Size setting for Amazon channel. It is now possible to decrease batch size for customers with large variation groups to avoid 'stuck' listings.

Bug Amazon template edit view

SKU will be displayed correctly when template is edited.

Bug Amazon template validation

Added Amazon template validation when Create button is hit. Added fix for SKU textbox to validate SKU and update grid view when SKU was changed.


TypeSummaryList of Changes
Bug Variation attributes

Resolved issue where missing variation attributes were added with empty values.

Bug eBay HTML description

Carriage return is now ignored in eBay descriptions. Use "<br />" tag instead.

Change eBay variation mapping

Error message is displayed when at least two variation items on eBay are mapped to the same stock item in Linnworks.


TypeSummaryList of Changes
Feature Ability to assign a category to variation child items

Variation child items are now assigned to same categories as in parent item after creating/updating.


TypeSummaryList of Changes
Optimisation Get additional Titles, Prices and Descriptions from Database

Speed up process of getting additional titles, prices and descriptions.