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Version 2.3 - 17 February 2015

CONFIGS > MAGENTO: Extension version, store code, execution time and multi-store info added to the Information window.

EBAY CONFIGURATOR: OutOfStock feature removed from the configurator's general settings. Ebay has changed the way this feature works and now this feature is enabled in the customer's account directly on eBay. It works for all listings now rather than just selected listings. - 9 December 2014

EBAY TEMPLATE: [LISTING_PRODUCT_IMAGE] property available in eBay Description Editor now uses only images that are enabled in the Images section of the listing template. Number at the end of the tag (e.g. [LISTING_PRODUCT_IMAGE1][LISTING_PRODUCT_IMAGE2] etc) corresponds to the consequent number of each enabled image. - 3 December 2014

MAGENTO CONFIGURATOR: Update Images option is added to the Revise Configurator window. Images from Magento specific extended properties will be updated when this option is selected. If no required extended properties for Magento images are specified, Update Images option will be ignored during revision. Extended property names for single item listings should be in the following format: MAGENTO_IMAGE1, MAGENTO_IMAGE2, .., MAGENTO_IMAGE10. For variation items the following extended properties should be used: MAGENTO_VARIATION_IMAGE1, MAGENTO_VARIATION_IMAGE2, ..., MAGENTO_VARIATION_IMAGE10. - 28 November 2014

MAGENTO VARIATION TEMPLATE: Option allowing to upload individual images for each variation child item added. To enable this option Upload images for child items box has to be ticked in the Variations section of the Magento Configurators section. This option will only work, if your Magento supports this functionality. Note: Enabling this feature in LinnLive will make the process of uploading images more time consuming. - 6 November 2014

EBAY CONFIGURATOR: Association table functionality removed from Specifications section as the functionality is no longer being used by CBT.

2.3. 0.14 - 29 October 2014

EBAY LISTING TEMPLATE: Functionality that marks listings being in Pending Relist list in Linnworks added. Now LinnLive shows "Pending relist" message instead of No active listings in the listing template and disables List button for listings being in the Pending Relist list. 

AMAZON CONFIGURATOR AND LISTING TEMPLATE: Attributes' names have been updated and became more readable and user friendly. New names will be available after configurators and listing templates have been upgraded to the newest version. In order to update configurators, open Attributes section in each config. Listing templates will be updated with listing update/adjustment.

MAGENTO: Information about Magento compilation feature and max upload size added to Config -> Magento -> Information section. - 16 October 2014

EBAY CBT: Update to CBT released: 

- Translation of configurators and products via Manual, Bing or Gengo translation is now closed;

- Possibility to translate listings via Machine or Human translation added (right click on Inventory or Variations screen -> Translate Listings);

- Translation process should be completed in different application - CBT Wizard which will create translated listings on eBay

Read more about CBT here.

EBAY TEMPLATE: Warning added in the Images section of eBay variation templates to prevent customers from uploading more than 12 images per variation, as it is against eBay polices to add more than 12 pictures per variation detail. - 10 October 2014

MAGENTO CONFIGURATOR: When new Magento configurator is created, configurator's site is automatically set to the site selected in the drop-down box on the top of the screen. Read more here.

AMAZON CONFIGURATOR > Shipping > Shipping Override: Amazon do not allow removal of shipping overrides from the SKU. It is not possible to remove shipping settings for SKU for which shipping override was applied. You can change this setting to something else, but not delete it completely.

AMAZON LISTING TEMPLATE: Parent variation images are now displayed in the Images section of the variation listing template separately from the child variation items. Child variation items are displayed in the Variations section -> Images. - 9 October 2014

EBAY CONFIGURATOR: Update to Click and Collect functionality: Added Click and Collect option to Payments section. Product's weight and dimensions are submitted to eBay if Click and Collect is enabled.

EBAY MAPPING: Added progress bar which indicates how many listings have already been downloaded and shows estimated time. Improved the speed. If an error occurred, it is shown to the customer. - 9 October 2014

EBAY CONFIGURATOR: Extended Holiday Returns feature added. Can be enabled in eBay Configs > Returns > Extended Holiday Returns. - 6 October 2014

AMAZON CONFIGURATOR: LinnLive will show a message when an attribute has invalid value. For example the maximum value length is exceeded. - 23 September 2014

MAGENTO CONFIGURATOR: When new Magento configurator is created, configurator's site is automatically set to the site selected in the drop-down box on the top of the screen. Read more here.


Version 2.2

2.2.94 - 2 September 2014

MAGENTO: Error descriptions improved.

2.2.93 - 28 August 2014

MAGENTO: System check for loopback connection problem added. When getting information from Magento by navigating to Configs Magento Information system will check for problems. In case of a problem a warning will be displayed.

2.2.91 - 22 August 2014

MAGENTO: Functionality added to select what should be done when deleting selected listing templates from LinnLive. Available options: only delete listing template from LinnLive or delete template and close listing on Magento. When clicking Delete button in the Listings screen, system will bring up a confirmation screen asking what action should be taken.

EBAY CONFIGURATOR: Tooltips for Default max quantity and Default min quantity added in the Main section.

2.2.88 - 4 August 2014

EBAY: Ability to use domestic rate table when listing to eBay AU. Table must be created on eBay prior to using it in LinnLive.

2.2.87 - 30 July 2014

MAGENTO: Additional Magento information (such as extension version, Magento version etc) added in Config -> Magento in LinnLive. Information is derived directly from your Magento.

AMAZON CONFIGURATOR: Added "Office" category for site.

2.2.86 - 22 July 2014

AMAZON CONFIGURATOR: Added "Coins" category.

2.2.84 - 8 July 2014

MAGENTO TEMPLATE: Category Id field added in the Category section.

EBAY CONFIGURATOR: Possibility to specify package type for calculated shipping in the Shipping -> Package Type drop-down menu.

2.2.81 - 17 June 2014

MAGENTO VARIATIONS: Possibility to adjust extended properties for a variation listing separately from attributes by using Instant Adjustment -> Adjust Extended Properties option. 

2.2.80 - 2 June 2014

AMAZON LISTING TEMPLATE: Possibility to add an image for a used item in the Images section of the template by selecting MainOfferImage as image type. This works only for listings created using a configurator in LinnLive.

2.2.79 - 28 May 2014

CONFIGURATORS, TEMPLATES: When saving changes in a dialog box for a configurator or listing template, configurator or template that is being worked on stays selected.

EBAY LISTING TEMPLATE: Possibility to use images from listing templates in the configurator's HTML template. This can be achieved using the following tags:[{LISTING_PRODUCT_IMAGE1}], [{LISTING_PRODUCT_IMAGE2}] etc. Number used at the end of the tag represents ordinal number of the image in you listing templates in Linnlive.

2.2.75 - 19 May 2014

EBAY CONFIGURATOR: Best Offer option can be updated only on listings that have got no sale history on them.

2.2.69 - 5 May 2014

AMAZON CONFIGURATOR: Add a possibility to specify shipping services and shipping costs. Read more here.

2.2.68 - 28 April 2014

EBAY: Possibility to add/remove Best Offer for listings that have sales.


MAGENTO: Magento Extension version 1.1.41 released. Problem with duplicate listings being created solved. Extension can be installed from the Release Notes tab here

EBAY: Possibility to change listing title for Good 'Til Canceled (GTC) listings, if there were sales.

EBAY (Bug Fix): During configurator revision and listing adjustment system no longer creates duplicate listings.


AMAZON: Possibility to disable main image warning under Configs -> Configs -> Amazon.


MAGENTO and BIGCOMMERCE: Save to All Selected added to categories.


EBAY CONFIGURATOR: Out-of-Stock feature added in the Main section. When the feature is enabled it keeps Good 'Til Canceled listings alive even when the quantity goes down to zero. To enable it on already listed items revise the configurator or adjust the listing with Add New Attributes option.

EBAY CONFIGURATOR: Possibility to set Max Dispatch Time using extended property that can be selected in the Shipping section.

CBT: Possibility to exclude certain extended properties from translation.

MAGENTO: Support for Cross-Sells and Related Products. Works the same way as Up-Sells.


EBAY CBT: Configurator category mapping improvements.


CONFIGURATORS: Possibility to use Product.Title as extended property when mapping attributes/specifications in the configurators. 

MAGENTO: Support for Up-Sells on Magento.

To add up-sells, create an extended property for the Up-Sells and add it to your inventory items. Extended property value should be the product ID from your Magento backend. To add several Up-Sells, write several product IDs separated by a comma or space. Note: Up-Sells will only work, if the listings whose product Id you are adding as extended property have been created using LinnLive.

In LinnLive go to the Attributes section of the Magento configurator. From the Up-Sells extended property drop-down box at the top of the window select extended property representing Up-Sells. Tick Create backlink box for the related up-sells listing to have the link to the original listing.

To update old listings with the Up-Sells, listing has to be adjusted using Update Extended Properties option.




EBAY: Sending product weight and dimensions information to the channel when Global Shipping Program is enabled in configurator.

EBAY: Support of the Use tax table option for eBayMotors.

EBAY CONFIGURATOR: Click and Collect option added in Payment section - works only for sellers having permission from eBay to offer such option.


EBAY: Don't use variation images option moved to Images section of listing template.

INVENTORY: Notes field removed from Extended Search.


MAGENTO: Support for multiple select attributes. To use this feature, attributes of multiple selection type have to be added to the Configurator and mapped with extended properties added to inventory items; values created in Magento back end can be be selected as Default Values from the drop-down box. Each attribute can be selected in the Configurator multiple times to specify several values. For this to work, Magento Extension has to be at least 1.0.32.


EBAY: Limit for selected Categories and Store Categories increased from 250 to 500 per configurator.


EBAY: Possibility to add new listings with different titles for items that are already listed on the channel by adding new titles in Linnworks. Read more about uploading different titles for a single inventory item in Linnworks here.


AMAZON: Create and Update buttons send to the channel quantity from the locations that are selected in Linnworks Channel Integration ->  Config ->  Location Mapping.


EBAY: Possibility to change sort order of specifications in listings. Drag and drop specifications to change their sort order in Specifications section of eBay configurators screen or Specifications section of the listing template.


EBAY: Possibility to update price on listings that do not have listing templates in LinnLive.


EBAY KTYPES: Support of Include Years and Exclude Years inserted in Linnworks via Data Import Tool.


BIGCOMMERCE VARIATIONS: Possibility to select/deselect variation image in BigCommerce variation listing template. 


EBAY CONFIGURATOR: Checkbox to have all uploaded images auto-selected when submitting listings.

AMAZON: Possibility to update images using extended properties. Read more here.


EBAY CONFIGURATOR: Drop-down menu to specify PictureDisplay option added.

EBAY CONFIGURATOR: Revise Selected -> Update Images no longer removes images selected in the listing template, if no images are added via extended properties.


  • EBAY MAPPING: Possibility to filter listings by status (not mapped, mapped with inventory, mapped with template).


  • EBAY LISTING TEMPLATE: Possibility to reorder positions of the listing images using drag and drop in the Images section of template.
  • EBAY LISTING TEMPLATE: Possibility to reorder positions of variation attributes in the Variations section of template using Variation Positions button.
  • EBAY CONFIGURATOR, EBAY MAPPING: Possibility to move Shipping window by right-clicking anywhere in the window and dragging it in the desired direction. 
  • INVENTORY: Possibility to move Edit Stock Item window by right-clicking anywhere in the window and dragging it in the desired direction. 


  • EBAY CONFIGURATOR: Cash On Delivery payment method added to Payments section for suported countries.
  • AMAZON INVENTORY: SKU column added to the Product Look Up window (pops-up when using Add to Catalog option).
  • EBAY: Ability for LinnLive to derive quantity from all stock locations ticked in Channel Integration in Linnworks when Combined Stock is selected in LinnLive.



  • INVENTORY: Not Equals search parameter added to Extended Search.


  • Query for receiving variations in Variations Screen highly optimized.
  • INVENTORY: Extended Search window modified.
  • MAGENTO CONFIGURATOR: Option to perform weight unit conversion added.
  • EBAY TEMPLATE: eBay error message language changed to English for non-English channels.
  • MAGENTO and BIGCOMMERCE CONFIGURATOR: Possibility to update extended property based variation title using Adjust Title option.



Version 2.1


  • EBAY CONFIGURATOR: Possibility to search for books by ISBN using Is catalog product? function in the Categories section.
  • AMAZON: Match SelectedAdd to Catalog options and Browse Nodes disabled for Webstore Accounts.
  • AMAZON CONFIGURATOR: Ability to specify Webstore category using platinum-keywords attributes. Webstore category has to be specified using category ID.


  • MAGENTO CONFIGURATOR: Possibility to resize (change width) of the columns.
  • MAGENTO CONFIGURATOR: Message informing that the configurator cannot be deleted when a template is assigned to it.


  • AMAZON CONFIGURATOR: Variation theme added for Wireless category (US).
  • AMAZON CONFIGURATOR: Possibility to mark some attributes as variation attributes by ticking Is Variation box against the attribute. This allows to assign the marked attributes to variation products. Values for these attributes can be specified either in extended properties added to each item or can  be manually added to Variations section of the listing template. It is possible to add variation attributes to existing listings. In case a variation item does not have corresponding extended property, then attribute value for this item will be the same as for variation parent (main stock item). In order to add variation attributes to existing listings Add New Attributes option has to be chosen during listing adjustment. In order to update variation attributes Update extended properties option has to be chosen during adjustment.


  • BIGCOMMERCE: Listing URL column added to Listings Edit screen which allows to view listings on BigCommerce store. Listings that were created before this release need to be upated in order to access them using the URL.
  • BIGCOMMERCE CONFIGURATORS: Possibility to resize columns and pop-up windows. 
  • BIGCOMMERCE: Possibility to add and delete listing images in Images section of Listings Edit screen. 
  • EBAY CONFIGURATOR: Possibility to use postal code instead of State/City for Flat shipping in Shipping section. Postal code will be automatically converted and displayed as item location.
  • AMAZON INVENTORY and VARIATIONS: Amazon Recommendations added to the grid. Listing  with a recommendation has a red exclamation mark under the channel name. Clicking it opens the recommendation. New recommendations from Amazon are received every 12 hours.


  • EBAY CONFIGURATORS:  Extended Property for Condition Note added to Specifications sections. It is possible to provide additional details about the item's condition, if the item is not new. Maximum number of characters is 1000.
  • MAGENTO and BIGCOMMERCE CONFIGURATORS: Use Main Item Images Only checkbox added to Variations section. By default all variation images are used when creating a variation listing. Enabling Use Main Item Images Only option will disable all variation pictures and use only main images.
  • EBAY CONFIGURATORS: Preview button added to HTML Template section. The button works for both Simple and HTML editors. When using Preview option, product specific tags (e.g. PRODUCT_IMAGE1) and extended properties do not get converted and are shown as tags.


  • EBAY CONFIGURATORS: possibility to specify any value as "from" weight in extended rules for shipping services.


  • Maximum Image size hosted on the Linn Systems servers increased to 1800x1800.


  • EBAY CONFIGURATORS: Sold on eBay option added to Main section. This enables strike-through pricing (WAS pricing). 
  • EBAY CONFIGURATORS: Max quantity per buyer added to Main section. Allows to restrict the quantity of items that may be purchased by one buyer during the duration of a fixed-price listing.


  • EBAY CONFIGURATORS: Additional Checkout Instructions field added to Returns section.
  • EBAY MAPPING: limitation on number of listings downloaded by eBay mapping tool removed.
  • EBAY VARIATIONS: Possibility to add more variation attributes to configurators that already have existing variation listings. New attributes will be applied to new listings only.
  • VARIATION LISTINGS: Possibility to adjust variation listing title specified via extended property. Modifying property value and performing listing adjustment will update the title on the channel.


  • EBAY VARIATIONS: Option to add multiple images for each variation item of the variation listing. In this case all images will be uploaded to eBay Picture Service, which is a very slow process. For example, creating a variation listing with 600 images takes approximately 8 minutes.


  • EBAY CONFIGURATORS: Shipping rate "FreightFlat" added to Shipping section. This shipping type is available only for the US, UK, AU, CA and CAFR sites, and only for domestic shipping.
  • EBAY VARIATIONS: Limit of unique values for each variation attribute increased from 30 to 60.


  • AMAZON: In order to comply with Amazon requirements, weight value now gets rounded to 2 decimal places before submitting listing to Amazon.


  • EBAY CONFIGURATORS: Restocking fee option added to Returns section.


  • EBAY LISTINGS: Showing additional error parameters in logs during the process of listing creation/update.


  • BIGCOMMERCE: Mapping released.
  • AMAZON: Improved tool for matching products.


  • INVENTORY SCREEN, VARIATIONS SCREEN: Displaying total results in bottom panel.


  • INVENTORY SCREEN, VARIATIONS SCREEN: Find products by ChannelSKU through extended search.


  • EBAY CONFIGURATORS SCREEN: Shipping locations in "International shipping details", where you can specify all locations where shipping is possible.
  • LISTINGS SCREEN: Ability to duplicate listings.


  • BIGCOMMERCE: Ability to assign extended property with category.
  • MAGENTO: Ability to assign extended property with category.


  • EBAY: Ability to specify in each configurator extended properties for store categories.



  • BIGCOMMERCE: Variation items support.
  • VARIATIONS SCREEN: Ability to hide products from another variations groups when creating new variation groups.


  • INVENTORY SCREEN, VARIATIONS SCREEN: Extended search available.
  • INVENTORY SCREEN, VARIATIONS SCREEN: ToolTips with additional info for each channel column added.
  • VARIATIONS SCREEN: ToolTip for combined quantity column improved.


  • VARIATIONS SCREEN: Changed logic for filtering modes(LISTED, NOT LISTED).
  • AMAZON LISTING SCREEN: Separate error messages for each child product in variation
  • EBAY: Ability to set by default option "Don't use variations pictures" for each configurator.


  • VARIATIONS SCREEN: Instant adjustment by price, title, description.
  • Images from extended properties for specific channel (extended property names should be like: EBAY_IMAGE1, EBAY_IMAGE2, .., EBAY_IMAGE9, AMAZON_IMAGE1, .., and etc).


  • EBAY: Ability to change configurator for variations.
  • EBAY: Viewing not created in LL2 variations.
  • Preparing information before creation process optimized -> listing creation speed increased.


  • VARIATIONS SCREEN: Filtering by Linnworks category.
  • VARIATIONS SCREEN: Showing combined quantity by selected stock location.
  • INVENTORY SCREEN, VARIATIONS SCREEN: Bold numbers show what listings were created in LL2 and can be edited.
  • INVENTORY SCREEN, VARIATIONS SCREEN: Added instant adjustment.
  • EBAY: Ability to use suggested categories, when based on the product title eBay suggests category what LL2 will automatically choose.
  • EBAY: Ability to create single item listings with more than 1 image. Doesn't work for bulk creating/updating/revising.
  • EBAY: Not created in LL2 listings can be viewed when editing inventory, but can't be edited.
  • AMAZON: Ability to choose extended properties for browse nodes.


  • INVENTORY SCREEN: Added option to show combined quantity from all stock locations.
  • INVENTORY SCREEN, VARIATIONS SCREEN: Added mode to get only listed products.



Version 2.0


  • Filtering by email in MultiLogin window.
  • "Viewing and editing Linnworks inventory item details" added to Variation screen + "Pin/Unpin" button implemented.


  • Small refactoring with tile header.
  • Extended property for eBay subtitle during creation: EBAY_SUBTITLE.


  • Small refactoring with tile icons.
  • Window for viewing and editing Linnworks inventory item details.


  • AMAZON, EBAY: Variation images screens refactoring, allowed to upload images from URL.
  • Variation inventory screen refactoring, now you can see total linnlive templates count and total linnworks links count.
  • BigCommerce added.


  • Tooltips with screenshots for tiles.
  • More intuitive marketplace icons for tiles.
  • Autoupdating databases to the latest linnworks patches.


  • EBAY, AMAZON: Ability to delete templates only from LinnLive2(without affecting marketplaces).
  • EBAY: Autoupdating categories every week.
  • AMAZON: Amazon have extended their api, so some operations in LL2 were accelerated.


  • EBAY: Extended options for shipping services.
  • AMAZON: New options in "Images" window during product creation.


Please upgrade Linnworks to patch H302!

  • AMAZON: Additional data verification before product creation.
  • EBAY: Minimum product quantity(special option for each configurator).
  • EBAY MAPPING: Ability to set SKU, if it is missing on eBay.
  • INVENTORY SCREEN: Filtering by multiple folders.
  • INVENTORY SCREEN: Show quantity from selected stock location.
  • INVENTORY SCREEN: Ability to hide variation products.
  • EBAY, AMAZON: Uploading images from files during product creation.
  • Some of big windows can be moved on screen by right mouse button.


  • Listing adjustment available.
  • AMAZON: Increasing speed of processing listings due to api optimisation.


  • EBAY: Shipping services for eBay Motors fixed.
  • EBAY: Filtering by both code and name on the page with configurators in categories windows.


  • EBAY: Sending profit to charity


  • EBAY: Extended properties for shipping costs
  • EBAY: Excluded shipping locations


  • MAGENTO: Ability to change attributes in children of variation item


  • EBAY: Mapping available
  • EBAY: Small changes in Categories, Specifications, Variations windows
  • EBAY: Maximum shipping services count raised to 8
  • EBAY: Extended properties for Variation Title and Item Condition


  • Scrollable context menu.


  • EBAY: Importing/Exporting configurators.
  • AMAZON: Fixed bug with generating new SKU, when duplicate detected.


  • EBAY: Allowed changing maximum dispatch time when GetItFast shipping service selected.


  • EBAY: Order of variation attributes correspond to eBay.


  • Multi login.


  • MAGENTO: Allowed creation "out of stock" listings.


  • AMAZON: Fixed bug when listing show status "Listed", while product wasn't actually created.


  • MAGENTO: Ability to load updated images from Linnworks.
  • EBAY: Allowed changing configurator for listing.
  • AMAZON: Fixed bug with incorrect "Will Ship Internationally" attributes for Canada.
  • AMAZON: Extended property for variation title.


  • AMAZON: Fixed some bugs in integration.
  • Warning message about unsaved changes when minimizing configurator page.


  • Added Changelog.
  • New status bar on tile header.
  • AMAZON: Overwritten integration.