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May 2013

Hotfix 386 - 29 May 2013


New feature

  • Fedex - integrated label
  • Website integrator - process indicator
  • channel integration - Column names type/name have been replaced with source/subsource .


Bug Fixes

  • Order Automation - Script run was just showing "OK" rather than "OK: ScriptName" and "View Filter Result" on Order Automation script editor window caused an error message.
  • AutoSync button - Matching buttons
  • Email Outbox - top 100 issue
  • Duplicate orders - Duplicate order id's selected where orders are saved close together
  • Application Base - Encryption fix
  • Order package - order packaging weight rounding
  • Template designer - Fix to the template designer in which custom columns were getting removed upon opening the table editor. Line spacing fix.
  • Ebay integration - Disable the ability to integrate the same account twice. Page out of range fix. Get official time retry. Duplicate relist fix.
  • Query data - drop down box
  • PlayTrade - calculate order packaging
  • Amazon - extra checks for inventory sync
  • Priceminister - batch update inventory


Hotfix 384 - 15 May 2013


New Feature

  • Amazon Webstore - Upload inventory report feature. Documentation


Bug Fixes

  • Priceminister Fix - Tracking fix where orders were continuously submitted


Hotfix 383 - 15 May 2013


Bug Fixes

  • Process Order Screen Bug fix - Fixed bug that closed despatch console after processing an order if there were two or more orders to be processed.
  • Process Orders with Insufficient Stock Bug fix - Fixed bug that allowed Linnworks to process an order where there was insufficient stock


Hotfix 382 - 14 May 2013


Bug Fixes

  • Process Order Bug fix - Fixed bug that stopped order from being processed if contained unlinked items.


Hotfix 381 – 14 May 2013


New Features

  • Amazon India You can now integrate an Amazon India account. An integration guide can be found here
  • Amazon Latency You can now specify a Channel when setting up Amazon shipping latency. More information can be found here
  • Metapack You can now add service URL


Bug Fixes

  • Chinese Characters Linnworks now supports the rendering of Chinese and Japanese characters on invoices and labels when saved as PDF
  • FNAC Country Mapping Improved FNAC country mapping where the country code was provided in 3 digit code format
  • Magento Upgrade of location mapping and upgrade of shipping mapping
  • Shipping Fixes issue where columns (but not headings) were shifted down if the first column was empty
  • Royal Mail added 3 new elements for PPI
  • UKMail Fixed issue with converting the label to bitmap format
  • Pin/Unpin Fixed issue with pinned window not staying in front of Linnworks main screen
  • Order Notes Fixed errors with order notes, allow single note to be selected
  • eBay Inventory Sync Improvement for stock updating
  • Big Commerce Combining order, product and address information to one XML document
  • User Interface Fixed docking problems on custom report
  • Invoices Fixed Invoice printed response from preview


Hotfix 380 - 1 May 2013


Bug Fixes

  • Synchronization - faster due to checks for autonomous synchronization is improved. (0.5seconds of each channel)
  • PlayTrade enabled on autonomous synchronization
  • Order scripting is available on autonmous synchronization
  • Data imports - automatic data imports available on autonomous synchronization now.


Hotfix 378 - 1 May 2013


Bug Fixes

  • Priceminister - Inventory updates
  • EPOS - Various fixes
  • Metapack - Allow service url to be added
  • Priceminister - Inventory bug fix
  • Product Image Import - Added proxy support
  • Royal Mail - PPI Changes
  • Shipping Velocity - Expression error fix
  • UKMail - Authentication retry. Weights are rounded to a whole number.
  • Volusion - Added send despatch e-mail config option