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January 2014

30 January 2014 - Hotfix H466

In this patch we introduce Automated eBay Pricing updates for Autosync customers.
Module Title Description
eBay  Pricing

Added option for channel price sync where price has changed in the Listing Pricing screen.


27 January 2014 - Weekly Patch H465

A few minor bug fixes, but also a fix for the In Order Book recount when deleting an order as well as PlayTrade Lister now submitting channel price correctly
Module Title Description
Open Orders In Order Book Count

In Order Book value shows displays correctly after deleting an order without the need to refresh the screen. 

On Order Error Handling DBNull error on the OnOrder field
eBay Managed Returns Update to eBay Managed returns for better lookup of Orders and Order Items from transaction information. 
Magento  Magento item options  Item options with incorrect format will be properly handled. 
PlayTrade PlayTrade Lister Channel price will now be properly submitted
PriceMinister  UI Tweak  Included an OK button for the PriceMinister Mapping Tool. 

24 January 2014 - Hotfix H464

A small update to bring the LinnLive logo on the application map into line with the new logo set.
Module Title Description
Application Map LinnLive Logo

LinnLive logo updated 

Order View Default Selected Tab Select Order Details tab first instead of extended properties


22 January 2014 - Weekly Patch H463

This week we have brought you a lot of minor bug fixes and small changes that have been requested recently.

There is now a copy option within the order xml screen and Yodel can now support multiple account numbers.


Module Title Description
Automated Export
Multiline Column Header

Fixed issue in Automated Exports where the source query has column headers split across two rows and as such splits the output file onto a new line at this point. 

Copy Items Child grid copy  Child grids accept copy and copy rows 
Copy rows delimiter  Copy rows delimiter fixed so that field values are not concatenated 
Xml Treeview Copy Added right click copy functionality to the xml treeview alongside the existing keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C 
CRM CRM coupons  Handle a blank category when saving a new coupon
Dashboards Products Sold. Currency Grouping When a currency is not entered for an order, it was not correctly grouped in the UNKNOWN currency column of the report due to the incorrect search term being used.This caused either blank result to be displayed or rows with 0 values.
Database Utility UAC Database utility has to be run as an administrator.
Email Internal Notes Internal notes have been removed from the parameter OrderNotes.Notes
EPOS Ztotal correction Change ZTotal to not include Cash Start figure so displays total taken in the day 
Fulfilment Centre Automation Escape Characters Allow for selection of escape character for files.
Open Orders Book Autonomous Sync Enable Setting  If autonomous sync is licensed, but disabled, the option to set an order script to autonomous sync was still visible within the script editor. This has been resolved.
Flexible Invoice Outdated flexible invoice button and functionality has been removed.
Performance Improvements Improved performance on loading and refreshing
Allowed time for printing increased.
Link Item Link unassigned item screen will now properly display subsource 
Received Date Open Orders received date will now be displayed in Day Month Year Hour Minute Second format. 20/01/2014 13:22:56 
Scripts Refresh When a script is modified on one machine, it will be available on another without having to reopen the open orders screen.
Order View Extended Properties Order extended properties now correctly populated.
Processed Orders Double click audit trail  When double clicking the audit trail table, linnworks would throw an error trying to open the order as it could not find the relationship to the order 
Returns Booking Procedure Error Fix Resolution to error "​Procedure or function Update_ReturnBooking has too many arguments specified." 
Stock Item Edit Ktypes Resolved docking on Add Years screen to not hide scroll bar 
Template Designer Column Reorder Arrows In template designer table editor, the n column has been replaced by reorder arrows. This will prevent duplicate n values that cause columns to switch position on printing.
UserManagement UserManagement icon User Management tab will no longer enlarge other tabs 
DPD Direct Services Weight Use order weight for direct services instead of volumetric weight 
Yodel Multiple Account Numbers Yodel integration now supports multiple account numbers 
All Channels Stock Percentage limit All channels that have stock percentage functionality can only have a stock percentage between 0 and 100
Amazon Import Max Listed Quantity  Max Listed Quantities were not being set correctly due to an issue with the sku mapping from the import tool. 
eBay  Managed Returns Update to use correct call operation
  View Log Fixed Duplicate lines in Listing Log
Intu Test Error Message More descriptive error message when test integration fails 
Remove The Background URL Update Updated to use new URL.

14 January 2014 - Weekly Patch H462

In this patch we have included updates to Analytics, Open Orders, Scripting and our integrations with Big Commerce, eBay, Magento and Priceminister.
Primarily these are intended to address issues affecting a small number of customers, and in the case of BigCommerce to allow access to additional information
The update to eBay should resolve some issues in which newly created listings are missing from Linnworks both after sync and in the mapping tool after refresh.

We would also like to introduce support for eBay Managed Returns within the Linnworks' Returns functionality. Additional information is linked below.
Module Title Description
Series Axis Columns
Series axis columns have had a minimum size set as the autosize property forces them to shrink beyond recovery when screen size is small. 
Commondata SetFulfilmentCenter. Order Item Location Not Set When using the commondata method order.SetFulfilmentCenter, the order location was set, but the orderItem locations were not. This caused the items to not be counted as inOrderBook for the location 
Open Orders Item Sorting

Items in the open orders screen are now correctly sorted in order of

  1. The number of items in the order.
  2. The selected sort. e.g. SKU / Bin Rack
  3. The quantity in the order.

Filters Potential overstocking and overstocking indicators were showing if greater than the required stock percentage exists, but nothing was being shown if the percentage value was exactly equal to the required stock percentage for these filters.
Big Commerce  Product Options  Product options will now show display_value 
eBay GetListings Call The Get Listings call was starting at page 0 rather than page 1. This call uses a index starting at one meaning that linnworks was missing the last page 
  eBay Managed Returns

Support for eBay managed returns in Linnworks returns.

Magento  Magento Order Downloading  Fix to error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Priceminister Order Sync Multiple enhancements and bug fixes for the order sync.This includes handling orders with missing data.

09 January 2014 - Weekly Patch H461

Welcome to the new year with a whole month's worth of expected fixes.


Module Title Description
CRM Search Customer
Refresh after closing customer does not cause a complete search of every customer
Data Import Product Description Import Translation Product Description Import uses allows use of Bing translation.
Bank Name parameter
The bank name parameter was was not being rendered correctly when generating emails.
Edit Stock Item Ktypes

Sort kTypes by Make

Ktypes Ktypes not saving

When Autosync is enabled, the kTypes config was not saving.

Open Orders Unlock Order Status

Fixed issue where selecting the unlock order shortcut button on an already unlocked order would cause the order to get a status of unknown.

  1. Avoid duplication of order folders. 
  2. Rewrite of Folder Manager
Batch Pilot - Only sufficient stock Fixed issue in which Linnworks only checked that the condition existed rather than checking the value
Processed Orders  Processed Orders Layout  Resolved issue in which the processed orders screen loaded blank.
Reports Financial Summary Report Dates To calculate the refunds this report was using the order process date. Now it is using the Return Date.
Products Sold Query Sales are now grouped by currency
Stock Count Stock Count print & export to CSV NewStockValue field will now be displayed in a correct format and with a correct value. 
Sync Tax Tax Calculation Fix  The tax calculation would previously take too long trying to generate a dispatch notification even if this was disabled. This has now been altered to only send a dispatch notification as per the config. 
User Interface Application Graphics A new splash screen has been added and the new LinnLive and Linnworks logos introduced.
Web Reports Login Fixed The login was not functioning correctly if the machine had an incorrect date set.
Geopost Default Weight Default weight option added to configs
Postcode validation Improvement made to postcode validation
Interlink Weight Validation Improvement made to weight validation
Manifest Changes Removing empty spaces in manifest to adhere to Geopost specification.
Reverse Print Reverse print for premium services in ZPL
Royal Mail Tracked Logo Moved Royal Mail logo so that it doesn't overlap first address line
Yodel Shipping Address Remove duplicate lines on sender address on label
Allegro Version Key Automatic update of version key, no need to update manually from now on
Mapping Screen Listing Limit Fixed issue with Allegro Mapping Screen only showing a maximum of 100 listings
Amazon Amazon ASIN Amazon ASIN will now be properly imported into Linnworks
FBA Region / State conversion  Nevada and Illinois will now properly convert 
Shipping Vendors

Added additional vendors

  • DPD
  • DTDC
  • OSM
  • SDA
eBay eBay Customers in CRM eBay addresses correctly saved to CRM
SKU Multi Linking Fix issue where rows would be duplicated in the mapping tool when multiple listings are linked to a single SKU 
EKM Powershop Remove items without a sku Any item that does not have a sku will be removed from the EKM mapping screen.
FNAC FNAC Shipping Mapping  FNAC Shipping Mapping now functioning.
Fruugo Negative Stock Will send zero if available stock level is less than zero 
Magento Order Item Location Order item location adjusted for sync location
Magento Discount and Currency Grouped & Configurable discount fix and order_currency change 
PlayTrade Inventory Error Near ... When PlayTrade returns an update error reason that contains an apostrophe, this would cause the order download to fail.
Priceminister Save Order XML Sale, billing information and shipping information is now saved against Priceminister orders
Tesco Tesco Order Sync Error Tesco orders were not downloading because Tesco would send some files with titles with too many escaping quotes, i.e ""Masterclass Non-Stick Spring Form Cake Pan 25cm (10"""")""