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March 2014

25 March 2014 - Weekly Patch  H480

Module Title Description
Big Commerce Variation Mapping

Resolved error with variations in the mapping tool not displaying


Royal Mail Duplicate Labels Resolved duplicate label issue on OBA services

20 March 2014 - Weekly Patch  H479

Module Title Description
Auto Sync SQL Exception

Resolved issue in which sync was not re enabled  after an SQL exception on autosync.

Inventory My Inventory List Read Only Resolved issue where user permissions were ignored if the grid was set to read only.
Open orders   Cast Error Resolved specified cast not valid error in open orders after refresh. 
Sort By Quantity Fixed the sort by quantity option within open orders to sort correctly.
Filter Tree Improved performance for handling empty values on tree view
Panel dimensions retained after closing screen
Folders Unassign folders from an order when they are deleted from order manager
Parked Orders Improved speed of marking order as parked 
Postage Manifest Load Time-out Increased time-out on the postage manifest when loading.
Purchase Orders Additional Emails Resolved issue in which the additional email was not used for purchase orders
Delete Item Confirmation Resolved infinite loop on delete item confirmation
Amazon FBA Orders Update the FBA stock level upon submission to FBA to prevent increased stock in delay between submission and confirmation from FBA.
Local Config Error Resolved issue that caused the following error: "Cannot find Stored Procedure: Set_Wireup_Enabled" 
Big Commerce Inventory Pages Correctly handles pages so that items with more than 250 variations are not partially downloaded
eBay Mapping Screen

Reduced page size in requests to eBay to handle the Premature end of file error.

The mapping screen will take longer to load for a temporary period.
We have reported this issue to eBay who have confirmed the bug and this was their suggested solution until they can fix it. Once resolved the page size will be increased again.
Shopify Account Test The test button now only counts paid orders that are unshipped.
Custom bespoke Courier  Child Items Count Added column NumberOfItemsNoCompParent which exports the sum of the number of order items in a composite or if no children then the number on the main row 
Geo Post Weight Validation Consignment will use the highest of dead weight and volumetric for certain services. 
Postcode case Postcode to upper case on create consignment 
Royal Mail  Self Service Setup
  1. Royal Mail  setup is now a self service process.
  2. Barcode numbers for tracked services are automatically entered
Improved Performance Improved performance for the Royal Mail label printing
UPS Account Test Fixed unit measure error in the account test button.
Yodel Address Save  Fixed issue where address was not appearing in the Yodel pan manifest file

12 March 2014 - Weekly Patch  H477 / H478

Module Title Description
Big Commerce Order Download

Fixed issue in which orders failed to download due to incorrect error handling 

eBay Click and Collect Click and Collection functionality support for registered customers. For more information, contact eBay.
Yodel Contract Numbers Yodel integration now supports multiple contract numbers 

06 March 2014 - Weekly Patch H476

Module Title Description
Inventory Add Stock Item Image

Added the ability to Ctrl+Click to select multiple images when adding to the stock item screenObject not set error was thrown if an order does not have a packaging group assigned when using the Import Tracking Number automated importImproved error messages and resolved issues with showing incorrect errors

Order Returns Composite Return Booking Booking a return for a child item resulted in a null exception. Changed to check for child items and show exception message. 
Amazon Despatched FBA Orders If an order has been despatched by FBA before Linnworks synchronises, it will still be downloaded but with a processed state.
Magento Order Item Location Order items will be deducted from Location which is mapped in the config
DHL EasyShip Service Codes Service codes updated to new specification