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April 2014

01 May - Weekly Patch  H486

Module Title Description
Data Import
Product Description Quote Escaping

Handle error where single quotes were being replaced by double single quotes

SqlDataRecord Enumerable

Resolved SqlDataRecord Enumberable error thrown by the Product Description Import

Updated Ktypes File

Updated Ktypes file

LinnLive login fix

Resolved issues with date times and logging into linnlive through linnworks

Open Orders
Manual Linking Audit Trail

Added audit trail for manual linking from unassigned order items

Module Title Description
Avast security

Fix for false positive virus warning from Avast whilst running Amazon sync / Amazon inventory mapping.

FBA Title

Handled error caused when title is not present on an FBA order item

Call Limit

Reduced number of unnecessary calls to handle call limit

Out Of Stock Control

Listings with out of stock control set will be set to 0 stock rather than ending.

At present this feature will only work for LinnLive controlled listings
Module Title Description
Incorrect address assignment to region

Incorrect address field was being assigned to region when it should have been address line 2


Added additional validation on the config screen

Royal Mail
Proxy Settings

Added proxy settings to web services calls, where proxy settings are set in config, originally caused error on config load

Module Title Description
AddNewOrder OrderNotes

Resolved date time overflow error for order notes in the AddNewOrder method.

16 April 2014 - Weekly Patch  485

Module Title Description
Cost Calcualtion for margin did not take into account quantity on an order and therefore was under calculating values where quantity > 1 
Rebuild Save

Report collection is now saved after a rebuild.

Data Import
End When Zero

Resolved issue where import would not set a value of zero.

Product Descriptions and Attributes Performance

Updated the importer to improve performance of the import

SKU Reactivation

Fixed automated import reactivating delete SKU

Supplier Purchase Price

Changed default supplier purchase price from zero to one.

Data Export
Multiple files using column tags

Allows the creation of multiple output files using a column tag as part of the filename

Inventory Labels

Resolved error when saving Inventory labels to PDF

Negative Levels

Improved validation to prevent Stock Level and OnOrder from being set to negative values

Pick List
Batch Pilot Conditions

Empty pick List no longer printed for orders that don't meet conditions.

Module Title Description
Big Commerce
Stock Control Values

Resolved issue where Max Listed, End When and Stock Percentage were not set by data import

Connection Test

Changed test connection from passive to active

Inventory Import

Added validation for variation items where the sku is empty.

Vendor Code

Ebay now sends vendor for all services.

Play Trade
Listed Status Colours

Added colour coding to Play Trade lister based on the listed status.

Module Title Description
Config Save

Resolved issue where service name and code would not save when closing the config.

Integrated Labels

Added the ability to print integrated labels onto invoices

Module Title Description
Process Order
Hold or Cancel

Resolved issue where process order on API did not change holdorcancel marker and therefore order showed incorrectly as cancelled.

11 April 2014 - Hotfix  H484

Module Title Description
Play Trade
Inability to create new config in some cases 

Linnworks was trying to load existing configs before creating a new one. If there were no existing configs the Linnworks was skipping creation of a new one. 

Module Title Description
Despatch Bay
URL Updates

Despatch bay changed URLs to https.Linnworks has been updated to handle this.

DPD  Detatched Services Resolved error where the service is detatched from the linnworks postal service. 

10 April 2014 - Hotfix  H483

Module Title Description
Data Import 
Stock Item Import

Improved speed of Basic Stock Item import

Open Orders Payment Status Resolved issue with payment status setting to UNKNOWN after locking or parking the order.
Purchase Orders Reorder Low Stock Removed duplicates and resolved item grouping by supplier 

09 April 2014 - Weekly Patch  H482

As well as the bug fixes below, we have also been working with Amazon and the FBA inventory feed how now been fixed.


Module Title Description
Open Orders
Audit Trail

Resolved deleted order item anomaly where items were not actually deleted.

Order Item Additional Info  Allow auto row size for multi line additional info on order items. 
Order Notes Permissions  Order Book - Edit Notes: Prevents editing of existing order notes. 
Order Notes Editing  Prevent empty order notes being saved 
Order Split Notes Original order notes added to both parts of the split
Paid Status Update paid on time in order additional info when the status is change to paid
Vendor Name Handling Bulk change handles vendor names with apostrophes (')
Processed Orders  Order Notes Permissions  Order Book - Edit Notes Prevents editing of existing order notes. 
Order Notes Editing  Prevent empty order notes being saved 
Purchase Orders Supplier Items (Reorder Point) 

The following columns have been added as available for the export:

  • Supplier Purchase Price
  • Supplier Code
  • Supplier Barcode
  • Min Order Qty
  • Pack Size
Module Title Description
Failed Date Save

Resolved issue where the sync would fail when the order received date could not be saved

FBA Level Feed  Reduced request time for Amazon FBA inventory feeds 
FBA Order Feed Only download Amazon submitted orders from FBA rather than those submitted from other sources. 
Buy Order Download Fixed (501) Syntax error in parameters or arguments error occurring in order download. This was due to the connection being kept alive after a download request had been made. 
eBay Missing Orders  Resolved issue with missing orders. It is believed that when requesting all orders from a time, only orders greater than this time were returned. We have set the request time back by one minute prior to the last sync to handle overlap. 
Fruugo Feed URL Config Screen now shows the feed url once it has been created.
Intu Inventory Sync Resolved negative level update on the initial inventory sync.
Magento   Configurable Options Options on configurable items are now saved
Order Paging  Changed Magento order download to work with pages to handle large quantities of orders. 
Module Title Description
Additional Options
  • Print Terms and Conditions on separate label
  • Select Label Size
Airway Bill International services now print an airway bill.
Interlink Duplicated Labels Resolved issue where the first label would be reprinted for each package when printing more than one label 
Yodel  Service Mapping Resolve issue of channel postal mapping being overwritten by marketplace mapping.
Postcode Validation Improved validation for postcodes
Module Title Description
Order Billing Address Resolved issue of billing address not being saved
Supplier Name

Supplier name provided in Get_PurchaseOrder call

01 April 2014 - Weekly Patch  H481

Welcome to spring and the second quarter of this year. This week we have a bundle of bug fixes and a change for the newly updated Royal Mail International services.
Please note that we are aware of issues with.
  1. eBay Mapping.
  2. Amazon FBA Levels Update
We are currently in discussions with both eBay and Amazon in regards to fixing these issues and once there is an update, a patch will be released as soon as possible.
Module Title Description
eBay Reference Number

Corrected error where reference number for eBay was using inconsistent value.

Open Orders
Auto Print Functions
Added scan requirement before auto print functions on Process Order screen 
Deleted Items Added audit trail for deleted items
Order Split Fixed issue where a manual order split would not work when a column had been added using column chooser 
Folder Restrictions  Fixed filter issue in which filter would not update for a user that has restrictions on a folder
New Orders Order Id Improved check for avoiding duplicated Order Ids 
Inventory  Copied Item Images Fixed the deletion of images from stock items when copied item has its images deleted.
Tracked Permissions Disallow Tracked / Not Tracked when permission is disabled for user 
Suppliers Contact Name Contact name now available in column chooser on suppliers register screen 
Module Title Description
Despatched Orders

Download despatched orders if they have not been downloaded before

FBA Levels Stock level handler updated to avoid negative values
Order Items
Resolved issue with items not being saved
Received Date Use purchase-date rather than reporting-date
Total Price Handle various cultural representation of decimal values that are provided.
EKM Powershop Invalid To Date Resolved issue where Invalid To Date was being shown on the EKM order sync
Fruugo Local Image Upload Fixed the image upload for local accounts
Module Title Description
Endicia Dazzle
USPSTracking Attribute

Updated Endicia Attribute from DeliveryConfirmation to USPSTracking. This is to comply with changes made by Endicia.

Royal Mail International Services Addition to and update of the international services for the Royal Mail OBA integration.
UK Mail Signature Optional Added Signature Optional option to Service Config 
Yodel Account Details Resolved issue with account details not updating correctly when changed and saved
Module Title Description

MinOrderQuantity and isDefault have been added to StockItemSupplier.Save()