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May 2014

28 May 2014 - Weekly Patch  H491 / H492

This patch has been released as a double patch due to a new updater being released.
Module Title Description
Automation Export
Export Validation

FTP Export files show success/fail messages when you click Produce File

Automation Import
Order Import

Modified to allow downloading of files with wildcards

Data Import
Product Descriptions and Attributes

Null reference fixed


Fulfilment Centre automation: Performance improved

Scrap Item
Export to CSV

Preview file on successful export.

Stock Consumption
Module Title Description
Order Totals

Order totals now handle culture settings. E.g: comma / decimal separators.

Module Title Description
Additional Fields

Add Location, Barcode, Category, Binrack to OrderItem information

22 May 2014 - Weekly Patch  H490

Module Title Description
Dispatch Notification
Attach PDF Invoice

If column Images is used, images will be included in the PDF

Open Order Book Settings

Added the ability to require a full scan for auto-printing documents when processing an order

Open Order Split

Allow multiple successive splits in open orders

Fixed display of split order screen.

New Order Created By

The user who creates a direct order is now logged.

Profit Margin

Accurate profit margin calculation

Pick List
Duplicate Items

Resolved issue where items would be duplicated across picking lines

Postage Manifest
Postage Manifest using templates

Postage Manifest now checks the default printer from the template designer

Purchase Order
Delivery Date

You can now select a time of complete delivery for purchase orders, in addition to the date

Due quantity

Resolved issue with due quantity not updating upon delivery of purchase orders.

Returns / Refunds
Quick Stats

Fixed issue where decimal rate would be shown as a percentage. e.g. 0.1% rather than 10% or 0.1

Adhoc Script

Added user name logging for adhoc scripts

Module Title Description
Duplicate FBA Submission

Resolved issue where orders would be submitted to FBA multiple times resulting in errors from FBA.

FBA Stock Level Update

Resolved issue where an FBA order was downloaded and LW was deducting the stock level from the wrong location.

EKM Powershop
Get Orders

Correctly handle discount lines on orders

Payment Status

Updated payment status handling to adjust for changes made by PayPal to EKM

Order Phone Number

Phone number and address saved.

Order Phone Number

Save customer phone number

Module Title Description
DHL Easy Ship
Product Codes

Express WorldWide NonDoc code service updated.

Endicia Dazzle
Priority Mail Express Delivery Options

Priority Mail Express Delivery Options options added

Insurance and declare value

Adjusted calculation to exclude the postage cost from the insured value

Printer Scaling

Fixed printer scaling issues

Long Address

Resolved issue where addresses over 7 lines for DPD/Interlink were breaking out of the address box

SLID Validation

Resolved SLID validation error where config was allowed to be saved

Test Label Screen

Resolved issue with test label screen being stuck behind main config window.


Resolved GDI+ error on printing.

Royal Mail
Test Labels Destination

Resolved issue where test labels for non-US services would throw an exception

Collection Booking

A bug which prevented a collection from being booked when the UKMail user token had expired has been fixed. This should fix intermittent collection booking issues which claimed the user credentials were invalid.

Data Import
Module Title Description
Multi Listing Titles and Prices
Data Validation

Improved validation for duplicate rows

Stock Count
Key Constraint Error

Resolved error: Violation of Primary Key constraint PK_stock_count

Module Title Description
Get Filtered Orders
Barcode and Location

Added Barcode and Location to the query result

19 May 2014 - Hotfix  H489

Module Title Description
Batch Pilot
Pick List Printed Conditions

Resolved issue where error would be thrown on Pick List Validation if the conditions log was an empty string rather than null.

StockItem - Add image

Resolved issue where exception would be thrown when selecting an image that had just been added

Module Title Description
Inventory Mapping

Handling eBay's error: Web Service framework internal error

16 May 2014 - Weekly Patch  H488

For this week's patch we have been working hard on bug fixing and have solved a lot of issues, all of which are documented below.

We are also happy to announce that as of last week, eBay have resolved the End of File exception thrown within our mapping tool.
Module Title Description
Batch Pilot
Batch Pilot insufficient stock error

Errors will pop up only if the conditions are enabled.

Copy Rows
Long List

Resolved issue where copying all rows from a list longer than the visible element caused a null reference exception

Data import
Data import invariant culture

Different group and decimal separators supported.

Stock Item Compositions import

Validate that the parent item exists and return appropriate messages

Additional Email Accounts

Validate empty account names

Dispatch Notification Emails

Use of expressions on invoices which are attached to dispatch notification emails.

Resolved issue where sending a dispatch email with PDF Invoice, while having an embedded label on the invoice template would cause an error.


Email notification supports server certificates.

Import/Export Automation
Stock Item Linking (mapping) list

Ignores duplicated rows

Stock Item Images

Add images – Out of memory error fixed

Order Save

Resolved SQLDateTime Overflow error when saving orders


Merge worker lock for avoiding double merge and new check for postal service and shipping aaddress

New orders

Force to submit the new stock level to the channel with every stock level update

Process Order WIRE_ERROR

Resolved error where local customers would get WIRE_ERROR when processing an order.

Weight Calculation

Weight calculation is now the same in Process Order and Batch Pilot.

Purchase Order
Create/Edit PO

Expected Delivery Date. Designer improved.

Reorder Low Stock

Accurate queries. Items which have been deleted or dont have any supplier information wont be included in reorder low stock report.

User management

Add new customer

Module Title Description
Financial Summary
Null error

Resolve error Unable to cast object of type 'System.DBNull' to type 'System.String'

Query Data
Stock Item Sold Pivoted Monthly

Including in order item refunds query unlinked items, without accounting bank information.

Module Title Description
Import Mapping

Amazon mapping is now case-insensitive

Import Max Listed Quantities

Allow the import of 0 for Max Listed, End When and Stock Percentage

Order Tax Calculation

Resolved issue where an order downloaded from Amazon would have the tax amount was calculated incorrectly.

Generic Integration
Import Min/Max Button

Fixed import button for listing quantities so that it now correctly opens the import dialogue

Module Title Description
DPD Config validation

Added additional validation to the config

Priority Mail

XML amended to work with new validation

Non Responding Config Load

Resolved issue with long loading config. This was due to an error where package mapping would duplicate and rapidly build into a large file which would take an excessive time to load.

Module Title Description
Purchase Order

Resolved error where the supplier name would always return as default

Stock Control

Improved query performance

01 May 2014 - Hotfix  H487

Module Title Description
Royal Mail
Service URL

Resolved Issue with incorrect service URL for Royal Mail

01 May 2014 - Weekly Patch  H486

Module Title Description
Data Import
Product Description Quote Escaping

Handle error where single quotes were being replaced by double single quotes

SqlDataRecord Enumerable

Resolved SqlDataRecord Enumberable error thrown by the Product Description Import

Updated Ktypes File

Updated Ktypes file

LinnLive login fix

Resolved issues with date times and logging into linnlive through linnworks

Open Orders
Manual Linking Audit Trail

Added audit trail for manual linking from unassigned order items

Module Title Description
Avast security

Fix for false positive virus warning from Avast whilst running Amazon sync / Amazon inventory mapping.

FBA Title

Handled error caused when title is not present on an FBA order item

Call Limit

Reduced number of unnecessary calls to handle call limit

Out Of Stock Control

Listings with out of stock control set will be set to 0 stock rather than ending.

At present this feature will only work for LinnLive controlled listings
Module Title Description
Incorrect address assignment to region

Incorrect address field was being assigned to region when it should have been address line 2


Added additional validation on the config screen

Royal Mail
Proxy Settings

Added proxy settings to web services calls, where proxy settings are set in config, originally caused error on config load

Module Title Description
AddNewOrder OrderNotes

Resolved date time overflow error for order notes in the AddNewOrder method.