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August 2014

27 August 2014 - API Update

Linnworks API
Module Title Description
Order  UpdateOrder

Resolved issue where API allowed for the creation of new Order Items and new Order Notes, but did not allow Order Items or Order Notes to be updated.

Paid orders can now be updated.


21 August 2014 - Hotfix  H514

Module Title Description
Inventory Sync

Fixed the issue whereby eBay did not confirm an incorrect quantity change to 0 for variations

19 August 2014 - Hotfix  H513

Module Title Description

Fixed an issue where the Config would not load, citing that a date value was not between MinDate and MaxDate

Inventory Sync

Fixed the issue whereby eBay did not confirm an incorrect quantity change to 0

18 August 2014 - Weekly Patch  H512

Module Title Description
Financial summary

Negatives changed to display based upon return date.

Data Import / Export
Module Title Description
Automation Import
CSV Import/Export

Modified to use a backslash as the default escaping character

Data Import

Deleted and re-added SKUs are not considered non-existent by the importer

Product Images

Fixed to allow updating an image to primary

Tax Rate

A tax rate of -1 can now be imported

Module Title Description

Fixed a bug that showed duplicates in CRM Coupons Screen


Fixed issue when sending emails by using TLS protocol.

Finaware Stock Control
Double click on ribbon group

Resolved issue with double click on the ribbon group item (Order Book, Inventory tab etc) where a blank space appeared rather than collapsing


Fixed an issue where adding BinRack locations to an item would result in an error

Category Validation

Resolved issue where default category could be renamed. This is now no longer possible

Export to CSV

Added success dialogues and preview options

Get inventory availability in location

Performance improved

Inventory Linking

Resolved issue for INTU listings when the channel referenceId does not exists.

Inventory Linking

Fixed issue when when clicking on Clear filter

Stock Count

The export now includes a difference column to show the difference between stock now and previous stock


Fixed issue when updating composites stock level was not updating the stock value.

Despatch Notes

Bug fixed when sending back despatch notes.

Order Manager
Cancel Order

Stock Level will be now updated when an order is cancelled.

eBay refunds

Fixed issue where ebay Refund link didn't worked even tho the Order Reference Number exists.

Print Pick List

Original Item Name blank bug is now fixed.


Refresh button will be now disable when processing orders with batch pilot

Reprint Invoices

Fixed issue where reprinting specific invoices for split orders did not work.


Resend Composite items fixed

Save Order

Fixed issue when saving orders

Template Designer
Integrated Labels

Fix shipping labels when printing an integrated label onto an invoice

Printing Condition

FolderCollection has extra characters

Module Title Description
Force Update

Resolved issue where force update option was timing out.


Fixed issue when getting merchant listing report from Amazon in French. Translation improved

Channel Config

Layout adjustment for ebay config to group related options

Removed the following options for new integrations and existing integrations that have these options ticked. This is to prevent problems going forwards that result from incorrect mapping due to eBay listings that do not have a SKU in the Custom Label

  • Inventory Mapping Use SKU (Custom Label)
  • Ignore Linked titles
  • All my listings have unique SKU (custom label)
eBay Export/Import

Add channel SKU to ebay listings export

Import / Export

Add channel SKU to ebay listings export

Max Listed Quantity

Improved validation on Max Listed Quantity

Wrong tax amount

Resolved issue with tax amount being incorrect due to an error getting the order country

EKM Powershop

Resolved issue where orders were delayed due to different time zones.


UI changes and minor bug fixing

Orders sync

When download orders a filter by date is applied.

Generic Integration

Fix for issue causing HTTPS addresses to be incorrectly formed.

Config Layout

Layout adjustment for Magento config to group related options

Price Change

Added Price Update functionality 

Module Title Description
Endicia Label Server
Missing buttons fix

A couple of buttons disappeared due to the last patch. This has been fixed.

UK Mail
Printing Duplication

Resolved issue where duplicate lables were printing

All Tracking Number Validation Improved tracking number validation