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September 2014

02 October 2014 - Update  H531

Module Title Description
Shipping Labels

Fixed problem with labels not printing when "Automatically select current day for collection date" checked.

25 September 2014 - Update  H525 / H527

Module Title Description
Service API Update

Updated to most recent eBay API version

24 September 2014 - Weekly Patch  H522

Module Title Description
Merged Order Despatch

Allow order despatch for orders merged down to twenty levels.

Magento Price Change Enabled Magento for price change.
Tesco Integration via new method

Tesco integration via API added. This is new method of integration. 

Once integrated, you will be able to:

  • Automatically download new orders from Tesco.
  • View, manage and dispatch Tesco orders.
  • Automatically adjust inventory level.


Module Title Description
UK Mail
Account Type

Fix UK Mail error 'MailPackets' is not a valid value

18 September 2014 - Update  H520

Module Title Description
Ebay Global Ship program

eBay Global Shipping Program has been implemented as standard piece of functionality within the system

15 September 2014 - Weekly Patch  H519

Module Title Description
Endicia Label Server
Mailpiece Shape

Send Mailpiece shape information to Endicia Label Server

Please note: the mailpiece shape for each service must be valid for that particular mail service. If you previously had an invalid mailpiece shape, you may need to reconfigure your services. For more information, please refer to our documentation

Print in batch

Can now print more than 20 integrated labels

Print shipping label

Fix formatting error when item-price contains more than two decimal digits

Parcel Force
Channel Island addresses

Now able to send ParcelForce services to Channel Islands. In order to do so the country must be set to UK, a valid Channel Islands postcode must be entered and an international postal service must be selected.

Ireland addresses

Correctly map Irish County from Linnworks Region to ParcelForce Address Line 3. Note - to send to Ireland, you must provide a valid Irish County in the State/Region field in the Linnworks address

02 September 2014 - Weekly Patch  H515 / H516

Data Import / Export
Module Title Description
Data Import
Product Description Import | Bing translator

Resolved Connection error: Invalid credentials or a problem with the api.

Resolved issue if an invalid translation occurs, the translation process continued and an error message was displayed at the end of the process.

Product Description Import

Improved performance when importing larger files

StockItem Composition

Resolved issue when creating stock item composition as parent skus weren't marked as composite parents.

Stock Level

Added a new check in data import. Stock level values must be greater than  or equal to zero, therefore preventing the import of negative stock levels

Module Title Description
Fulfilment Center automation

Resolved issue where the underlying FTP connection was closed unexpectedly

Inventory Linking

Improved performance when retrieving data

Product Category

Validation: prevent duplicate or blank category names from existing

StockItem Archived

Log for archived/unarchived items added to Edit Item| Item Stats | Audit Trail

User Permissions

Fixed an issue where user permissions were not being applied to the Inventory screen to remove the "Click here to add new row" functionality

Order Manager Order Country

Country ISO codes update in Manage Country List

  • Montenegro updated from CS to ME
  • Serbia updated from UNK to RS
Batch Pilot

When printing invoice if the label is embed in the template the batch pilot invoice conditions shouldn't be applied to the shipping label.

Booking return

Resolved issue where the "Scrap Item" tickbox was not being saved. The item can now be successfully scrapped after a return is actioned.

Order Billing Address

If the country is not provided when importing orders UNKNOWN will be assigned.

Packaging Group Nulls Resolved issue where a DbNull to String casting error would appear when adding a new row to packaging mapping
Folder assign

Resolved issue when one order was being allowed to be assigned to the same folder multiple times by different users

Group Selection

Group selection will be refreshed after parking or unparking an order

Open Orders Screen

Resolved issue where after updating the stock level, refreshing the OpenOrders cause a time out

Order Items

Fixed an issue where an order would not save due to error "String or binary data could not be truncated"

Order Notes

Added sorting options to the Edit Order Notes dialogue box

Recount totals

Fix bug that resulted in Order Totals being recalculated to infinite value when parameters are not provided in an api call.

Split Order

Username now logged when an order is manually split

Module Title Description

Fixed a bug where Amazon unpaid orders were assigned to the same CRM customer UNKNOWN.

Generic Integration
PHP Gateway File

New Gateway File for latest version of PHP 5.4 and 5.5

Shopify Inventory Mapping

When manually linking a Shopify listing to a stock item in Linnworks the Shopify listing must have a Channel SKU.

Inventory Revisions

When relisting an item using the barcode as an identifier Linnworks will decide whether the product is in the core catalogue or the private catalogue and submit accordingly with either the barcode or the PlayId.


Priceminister has a predefined set of allowed courier name. The Vendor as defined by the Linnworks Postal Service Method needs to match to the list allowed by priceminister, and submit "Other" if no match is found.

Error Handling

Now correctly handling XML error returned from the configuration test button

Module Title Description
Service Product Codes

Update the Service Product Codes according to the latest changes to DHL EasyShip

Printing Shipping Label

Fix error "Missing or invalid element: Value, Customs item" due to sending decimal vlaues with more than 2 decimal places