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October 2014

26 October 2014 - Update  H547

The variatations migration has been completed for all Anywhere accounts

22 October 2014 - Update  H544

Data Import / Export
Module Title Description
Automation Import
Stock Level Update

Save button will validate the column mapping before saving the config.

Data Import
Basic Stock Item Import

A tax rate of -1 can now be imported. This will set the stock item to use the default country tax rate


Improved validation and error handling for the composition import

Extended Properties

Resolved issue with compatibility mode

Stock Level Import

Fixed an issue where users were able to import Null stock levels, causing an error

Module Title Description
Application Base
Sync Log

Log information of sync start and end.

Adding images (Local customers)

Fixed an error not allowing images to be added

Blank Rows

Blank/incomplete rows are automatically removed from Channel SKU and Linked Titles in the Edit Item screen

Edit Item

The description in Metedata will now display line breaks correctly if it was imported with line breaks from a CSV file.

Inventory Linking

Performance improved

K Type Limit Waring

Ebay have increased K Type limit to 3000. The original Linnworks warning message has been changed to reflect this.

Product Categories Screen

Fixed a UI issue where non-default categories would sometimes become disabled.

Stock In

Validation added so the quantity booked in must be greater than 0

StockLevel Update

Resolved issue where stock level update failed when the username used for logging into Linnworks was too long.

Order Automation

Log when a macro is enabled or disabled.

Order Manager
Coupon Validation

Coupon Barcodes will now validate when pressing action as well as pressing enter

Cancel Order - Refunds

Refunds will be correctly recorded against the order item when an order is cancelled and the refund value is unchanged (equals to order total).

Edit Open orders

New check added to avoid negative values as orderitem quantities.

Group Selection

The group selection tree view in Open Orders fixed to display the correct numbers against groups.

Open Orders Screen

Changes to Open Orders are now displayed correctly when an order tag is set.

Order Automation

Log when an order automation script is enabled or disabled

Order Notes

Improved error handling when refreshing open orders after adding an order note

Split orders manually

Resolved issue where child quantity in composites wasn't updated on the newly split orders

Order Location Allocation

Resolved issue where composite child items were not assigned to the parent item location when moving an order

Template Designer
Conditional Styles

Packaging Group Name conditional formatting now works

Printing Condition Allow operators LIKE, NOT LIKE, IN, NOT IN on FolderCollection variable when printing invoice conditions. Note that due to the methods required to save folder collections, IN and NOT IN operators will only work if brackets are included i.e FolderCollection NOT IN ('(folder name)')
Revert changes from Patch H512 due to incompatibility with other operators
Module Title Description
Mapping Tool

Fixed an error where applying a filter on IgnoreSync, then changing this value would result in an unhandled exception

Despatch note

Resolved issue where the ebay site code was not correctly submitted with the shipping information therefore tracking numbers may have the incorrect url due to locale

GTC Listing

Resolved issue where linnworks tries to relist and automatically relisted GTC listing

Inventory Sync

Fixed an issue where relists would fail for accounts with no SKU Mapping, with the error "Specified cast is not valid"

Mapping Tool

Fix issue where export Max Listed Quantity in the ebay mapping tool was showing a partial report

Redesign of Config Screen

The Layout of the config screen for Fruugo has been redesigned

Product Feed Submission

Submission of inventory has been simplified and efficiency of retrieving data has been improved

Assign Shipping Service

Fix the issue when the shipping was not assigned to the specified shipping tag on the order XML. The correct shipping service is now mapped to the shipping tag using the shipping code or the shipping line from the order xml

Order Sync

Resolved issue where shopify orders were saved with a wrong Reference Number. Linnworks was using the order name instead of the order number.

Module Title Description
Endicia Label Server
Endicia Label server - Config

Resolved error on load of config where the from address had not been populated yet

Print Test Label Button

Fixed error when unable to print test labels. Fixed poor quality/wrong size when printing test labels

14 October 2014 - Update  H541

Module Title Description
Saving Orders

Resolved issue where order items are not saved when the item title is provided as null by Magento

13 October 2014 - Update  H539

Module Title Description
Tesco Shipping Mapping

Added shipping mapping to the Tesco FTP integration so that service codes from Tesco can be mapped to Postal Services in Linnworks

09 October 2014 - Hotfix  H536

Module Title Description
Automation Jobs
Jobs on hold

Resolved issue where jobs would appear to wait for a long time before starting.

Jobs include.

  • Image Migration when moving from local to anywhere
  • Setting ebay items to be out of stock control (Script only)
  • Channel Price change
  • Order download for ASP.Net Storefront and Playtrade
  • Playtrade order despatch
  • Big commerce inventory revision

09 October 2014 - Hotfix  H534

Module Title Description
Order Manager
Process Order

Linnworks Database Update: When processing an order, the LastUpdateOperation provided in the stock level table gets truncated when the order reference number is too long.

02 October 2014 - Update  H530

Module Title Description
Shipping Labels

Fixed problem with labels not printing when "Automatically select current day for collection date" checked.

02 October 2014 - Update  H529

Module Title Description
Shipping Labels

Added Special Instructions to the shipping label. This is achieved by adding an order note starting DN:

Parcel Force

Correct Address mapping for non-Ireland addresses. Linnworks will ignore the Region field for all shipments except those to Rebublic of Ireland, when Linnworks Region will map to ParcelForce Address Line 3

UK Mail
Daily Collection

Improve error message when no Daily Collection is selected


When reprinting labels, check if there are tracking numbers before creating new ones

Shipping Labels

Increase speed of printing labels

Split Packaging

Fixed bug where only first label prints when using split packaging