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January 2015

20 January 2015 - Update  H560

Module Title Description
New Configs eBay Config

An addition to populate/update new config tables for Ebay.

Module Title Description
eBay eBay pending relist

LinnLive shows "Pending relist" message instead of No active listings in the listing template and disables List button for listings being in the Pending Relist list.

Module Title Description
Settings RulesEngine 

Added Town and E-mail address fields 

Email Notifications  Fixed an issue where in some cases images would not be displayed correctly on the attached PDF invoice. 
Automated Import  Imported orders will now have their packaging assigned automatically based on the default packaging set in the order item, the same way packaging is assigned when creating a direct order. This will happen only if the PackagingGroupTag is empty in the import column mapping. 
Macros  Added an overload for UploadFileToFTP that allows the scripter to specify whether they want to include a Byte Order Mark in their uploaded file when using UTF-8 encoding. 
Order Refunds  Resolved issue where refunded orders cannot be opened due to a null exception error.  
Module Title Description
Amazon  Performance Improvement 

Made performance related improvements to the Amazon order sync.

Updated K type MVL file

Released latest version of eBay K-Type MVL file

Fruugo   Order save  When saving Fruugo orders the Province will be now saved as the order Region. 
When saving Fruugo orders the Province will be now saved as Billing Address Region and the postcode as Billing Address Postcode. 

15 January 2015 - Update  H559

Module Title Description
Rakuten UK New marketplace integration for Rakuten UK

Rakuten UK has been added as a new integration

Module Title Description
New configs New Configs

Extended functionality to support Rakuten integration