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May 2015

28 May 2015 - Update  H581

Data Import / Export
Module Title Description
Data Import
New release

Data import tool is now obsolete. All imports currently available can be already achieve in the new import/export routines within An option to use the old view will be still available however it won't be supported any more.

Module Title Description
Procedure optimization

Optimize internal procedure

Fruugo product feed

Fixed an issue where the Country attribute was not properly sent to the channel

Module Title Description
Endicia Label Server
Allow 7 digit account number

Allow 7 digit account numbers to be entered

20 May 2015 - Update  H580

Module Title Description
Order Automation

When moving and renaming files after processing a csv file the import Manager is too quick to handle the FTP request. This issue has been fixed by adding a delay between calls.

Order Manager

Fixed an issue where in some cases merged orders would not display their tax rate by country correctly.

Process orders

A problem in a previous release caused process orders without a account bank information not be shown in the search screen. This issue has been already fixed.

Module Title Description

The IgnoreSync check box in the Inventory Mapping screen can now be correctly saved.

14 May 2015 - Update  H579

Module Title Description
Dashboards Product Sold


Performance improved.


Sales Spread
Order Book Process Orders
Module Title Description
Channels Channel Properties

New generic properties have been added to the channel configs.

12 May 2015 - Update  H578

Module Title Description
XPOS755 Hardware Integration

Similarly, the EPOS program can be integrated with the XPOS755 cash drawer and screen through the Settings menu.

XPOS855 Hardware Integration

EPOS can now integrate directly with the cash drawer and screen of XPOS855 units. To accompany this, the display screen welcome message for the XPOS855 screen can be customised in the EPOS settings menu.

Speed improvement

Improved opening speed of the sub grid when there are a lot of items in the view and a lot of locations.

Linnworks Web
Import Data

Fixed an issue where processing orders via the Import Data functionality in would not deduct stock for order items.

Order Automation
Export - Open Orders

Expressions in open orders export caused the export to break. This issue has been now resolved.

Rules Engine

The Rules Engine is now triggered when orders are changed from unpaid to paid via the right-click menu of the Open Orders screen.

Order Manager
Duplicated orders

Resolved issue in which some cases, Open Orders module in LW.NET was getting orders duplicated if the order was assigned to more than one folder at the same time.

Pick List

Resolved an issue that was causing incorrect child item quantities on Pick Lists when the parent items in question were ordered from different listings.

Processed Orders

When exchanges are created, a parked order will now be created to reserve stock. Additionally, this release contains database changes in preparation for the new Processed Orders screen.

Processed Orders Search

Search performance improved.

Template Designer
Web service proxy

Added proxy support to web services used in template designer

Module Title Description
Global Shipping Program

Fixed an issue that was causing some instances of GSP orders to display the buyer's home address, rather than the GSP address.

Inventory Mapping

Removed possibility for adding duplicate items to list.