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July 2015

31 July 2015 - Update  H596

Module Title Description
Sears Purchase Order API update  

Updated Sears API version which caused orders not to be downloaded. 

28 July 2015 - Update  H595

Module Title Description
Template Designer

Precache of templates locally in linnworks caused slow startup of the application where large amount of templates exist

23 July 2015 - Update  H594

Module Title Description
eBay Settings

Resolved issue where ebay Max listed quantity was limited to 30.

22 July 2015 - Update  H593

Module Title Description
Magento Mapping

Resolved issue where Magento mapping screen did not load

22 July 2015 - Update  H592

Module Title Description
Print shipping label

Since the last routing table change, consignment and tracking number did not fit completely on the label. This is issue has now  been resolved.

ParcelForce Fix International Split Packaging When sending split package shipments internationally, Linnworks now correctly prints all the labels.
Royal Mail 2D Barcode Labels This update allows customers to use the new 2D Barcoded Royal Mail label formats. To use the new format select "6x4 2D Barcode" as the Label Type in the configuration and make sure you are using 6x4" plain labels. Please note that if you use Royal Mail Tracked and Royal Mail OBA you will need to update the Label Type in both integrations.
UPS Delivery Confirmation Fixed issue where delivery confirmation would fail for shipments from Canada to US.
Yodel Print last manifest "Print Collection Manifest" will only print consignments for one day at a time. To print all the consignments from the last manifest filed regardless of printing date, click "Print Last Manifest".

07 July 2015 - Update  H591

Module Title Description
eBay CBT

Update to migrate CBT configuration support in

06 July 2015 - Update  H590

Module Title Description
eBay Single Site Id

Resolved issue in which the Site Id was incorrectly set