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Magento Shipping Method Mapping


  • Click the 'Shipping Mapping' button in the Magento config to display the Shipping Mapping dialog
  • The dialog contains two columns, 'Tag' and 'Linnworks Service' Fig 1.1
    • 'Tag' ~ used to enter the name(s) of the Shipping Services Methods as defined on the Magento website
    • 'Linnworks Service' ~ A dropdown selection of Postal service methods as defined in Linnworks
  • Once a mapping is made between a Magento Tag and a Linnworks Postal Service method any New Orders that are downloaded from Magento will automatically pick up the preferred postal method for the Shipping Services
Fig 1.1  Shipping Mapping


  • Initially, the Tag will be blank, and when they are created they will be allocated to 'Default'. 
  • Add new Mappings by clicking on the top row, labelled 'Click here to add a new row' Fig 1.2
    • Enter the name in the left hand cell of the top row
    • Select the required Linnworks Postal Method for mapping to by clicking on the cell in the right hand column corresponding to Tag and selecting the appropriate Postal Method from the drop down list
Fig 1.2  Shipping Mapping


  • There are 2 possible options provided by Magento that can be used for the Tag 
  • shipping_method Fig 1.3
    • This value is defined in the back end of Magento
  • shipping_description Fig 1.4
    • This value is a combination of 'Title' and 'Method Name' as defined in Magento when adding new shipping methods with ' - ' between the two fields Fig 1.5
Fig 1.3  Shipping Mapping Fig 1.4  Shipping Mapping Fig 1.5  Shipping Mapping


Magento Shipping Method Not displayed : Magento only provide a list of shipping services from the current Open Orders on Magento. If the Magento shipping service is not visible in Linnworks the following options are available to create the mapping
  1. Create a dummy order on Magento with the required service. This will become visible in the mapping screen to enable the set up. Delete the dummy order once mapped
  2. Click Add New row and manually enter the name of the Magento service

Shipping Services can be located and setup in the Magento Admin panel.
1. In the Magento Admin Panel, select 'System' from the top bar.

2. In the menu, select 'Configuration'.


3. Scroll down in the Config Screeen:

4. Select 'Shipping Methods' from the lefthand menu.


5. The screen displays the configuration for setting up the different Shipping methods and rates for your Magento site. 

6. If you select a shipping method from the list and expand it, you will see the fields 'Title' and 'Method Name'.

7. Use the both the 'Title' and 'Method Name' in the 'Tag' Column of the Shipping Mapping screen's 'New Entry' row at the top of the list, and select the 
appropriate Linnworks Postal Service to map to it. Hit Enter on your keyboard to apply the new row, and repeat for all your Magento Shipping 
Services. In the example above this would by Flat Rate - Fixed