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Magento Inventory Mapping

Linnworks Magento Integration - Inventory Mapping


 Inventory Mapping allows you to match a listing with a Linnworks stock item. This means that when Linnworks downloads an order from the channel, Linnworks will know what stock item matches the order item, and can manage the stock for that item accurately.

To map your Linnworks Inventory to your Magento listings, you will first need to go to Settings, then Channel Integration, and then click on the Mapping Button to the right of the integration.



Viewing your listings

 Once you open the mapping screen, you must first decide how you are going to fill up the screen with information about your Magento listings. You will be asked to either get inventory directly from Magento, or alternatively, load from CSV file.

Clicking Yes will make a call to your Magento site, and display a list of all your listings that you have Active on your site.

Clicking No will open up a windows explorer, where you can select a CSV file. This CSV file should include listing information, including a column for channel SKU and product Name.


Different Ways to Link: Once this screen has been populated with your listings, you will now have the ability to link these listings to your Linnworks stock items. The screen will consist of three columns, SKU, Product and Linked To. Once on this screen, you will have different ways you can conduct your mapping.

Manually Linking: You can do this by using the search bar on the right of the screen. First, you would Search for a Linnworks stock item using the search bar. This will display a list of your stock items that match your search.


In the example above, we going to link the Magento product Generic polo t-shirt – Red-XL with the Linnworks stock item t-shirt Red – Red t-shirt. To do this, first we need to select both items, so they are highlighted in orange. Next, all we have to do is double click the Linnworks Stock Item on the right to link them.

Link All by SKU: This method is by far the easiest way to link your items. If your Channel SKU is the same as your Linnworks SKU, you can right click the mapping screen, and choose the Link All by SKU option, to automatically link all your items by SKU. 

Right Click Options

 The following actions can be found when right clicking a listing on the mapping screen.

Create New Stock Item: This option if for when you encounter a Listing that does not have a matching Linnworks stock item that has been created already. Right clicking the listing and choosing Create new stock item will create a new Linnworks stock item based on the listing. When you create the new stock item, you can then link it to a listing.

Create All: This works the same as the Create New Stock Item mentioned above, however it will create a new Linnworks stock item for every listing displayed in that screen.

Unlink: Right clicking a row that has been successfully linked, and choosing the Unlink option, will remove the linking.

Export Mapping: This option allows you to export your current mapping to a CSV file.

Import Mapping: This will allow you to import a CSV file containing the Magento listings, and what they should be linked to. This will then link your items based in the information inside this CSV file.

Show Sync Status: clicking this option will display two more columns on the mapping screen. These new columns will show you when Linnworks last updated the quantity of the Magento listing, and how many are listed on the site at the moment.