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Managing stock in multiple locations

Managing stock in multiple locations

Linnworks is capable of tracking stock level for the same item in multiple locations. This feature can be used in two ways:

  • 1. Track stock level in another geographical location i.e. your stock is stored in two separate places for example Warehouse 1 and Warehouse 2
  • 2. Track stock level at a Supplier or a Drop Shipper

1 Stock In Different Geographical Locations

  • 1.1 To keep track of stock in different geographical locations, eg. if you have multiple warehouses, please do the following;
  • 1.2 Create different Locations as required on the PC but please be aware that each computer is bound to the location specified in Application Settings > Location Fig 1.1
  • 1.3 We realise that most seperate warehouses/locations will have their own PCs (and although we do not recommend this), if managing two or more locations on one PC. Be aware that the location is governed by the Location setting in the Application Settings page and that to change between the Locations would be a system setting, meaning Linnworks would need to be closed down and reopened to update the system change
  • 1.4 This means that only one Location can be worked on in Linnworks at one time and stock will be deducted from that location when processing orders whilst in that location
Fig 1.1  Application Settings Location

2 Tracking Supplier Stock

  • 2.1 When a supplier stores and ships Just-In-Time stock to you (Just-In-Time is to order from supplier only when a product is needed to fulfil an order), therefore tracking the stock level at the supplier is imperative
  • 2.2 You can create additional location 'At Supplier' and import stock level for all products this supplier provides, for this location - see below in Creating A New Location Fig 2.1
  • 2.3 This way you will have two stock levels for the product – first is what you hold in Default location and the second what the supplier has shown in the location 'At Supplier'
  • 2.4 When the system synchronizes stock levels with the channels it will combine both figures

3 Creating A New Location

  • 3.1 Go to Inventory Control > Locations as shown in Fig 2.1
  • 3.2 Create New Location where it says Click here to add a new row
Fig 2.1  Creating A New Location

4 Main Inventory

  • 4.1 In the Inventory screen select a specific location to edit stock levels for by clicking on the Show Location drop down box Fig 3.1
  • 4.2 Alternatively each location will be shown as a sub grid for each item, to review the grid click on the + sign next to the stock item record in the My Inventory grid Fig 3.2
Fig 3.1  Show Inventory Drop Down Fig 3.2  Inventory Location Grid

5 Syncing Inventory From Location

  • 5.1 This is found on the Channel Integration Page in the Channel's Config Fig 5.1
  • 5.2 Tick the box for Sync inventory from location Fig 5.2
  • 5.3 Click Location Mapping to open the Location options Fig 5.2
  • 5.4 Here the location for the channel can be selected if there's a different location other than the Default location that you want the stock levels to be taken from for this channel
  • 5.5 If multiple locations are choosen however Linnworks will only process to the Location as specified in the Application Setting Location and the only way around this would be for a script to be written to enable Linnworks to recognise other Locations
Fig 5.1  Channel Integration Config Fig 5.2  Location Mapping

Working with Locations on a daily basis

Assign the orders to the Location

There are only 2 ways an order can be assigned to a location

  • 1. By manually moving an order to a location by right click the order(s), and choosing Actions > Bulk Change > Move to Location
  • 2. As part of the sync an Order Automation Script can assign an order to a Location based a bespoke rule set, an example script can be found here

Ensuring Stock is deducted from the correct location

When an order is processed it's relevent stock deductions will only effect the location that the order was assigned to when processed. This does not stop a user from processing an order from another Location. If a user in Warehouse 1 processes an order in Warehouse 2, stock will be deducted from Warehouse 2.


  • You must always have a Default location. This location cannot be renamed, deleted or changed. The Default location is your primary location. To keep things simple DO NOT create additional location if you only have one stock level location in the system.
  • Each computer is bound to a specific location (this can be changed in Settings > Application Settings > My Location settings.
  • If multiple locations are used to advertise stock on a channel, Linnworks can not know which Location to use to fulfill the order, contact us for a script as one will need to be written for this capability