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My Account

1. View / Edit account details

Use the following steps to update contact details for the registered Linnworks acount

  • Click View/Edit Details (Fig 1.1)
  • The company contact details will be displayed (Fig 1.2)
  • Make any required changes and click Save Changes
  • Forum
    • If a Forum Username has already been defined, it is not possible to change this
    • To create a Forum Account, Goto Get Social and click Create Forum Account
Fig 1.1     Fig 1.2 

European customers

  • We require our European customers to provide us with registered VAT number, if possible.
  • To do so, 
    • Apply your VAT number in account details section, 
    • Save details 
    • Go through re-subscription process
  • The re-subscription is necessary, as it triggers the system to validate provided VAT number and apply it to your account. Once you have re-subscribed, and your VAT number is accepted by the system, any future invoices will be accounted for VAT @0% under the reverse charge.
Fig 1.3 


2. Billing and Subscriptions

Use the following instructions to access details about the subscribed plan and view/download invoices

Access Billing and Subscription page

  • Click Billing and Subscriptions (Fig 2.1)
  • A screen similar to Fig 2.2 will be displayed
Fig 2.1  Fig 2.2 

Cancel Linnworks account

  • Click Cancel Subscription (Fig 2.3)
  • Fill in the required contact details and click Submit (Fig 2.4) 
Fig 2.3  Fig 2.4  

Upgrade or downgrade current subscription

  • Click Change Subscription (Fig 2.5)
  • Select the required new Plan (Fig 2.6)
  • Click Checkout to proceed with change

Fig 2.5  Fig 2.6 

View invoice

  • Click View Invoice for the required invoice (Fig 2.7)
  • The option to either download or open a PDF copy of the invoice will be provided
Fig 2.7 

3. Change Password

Change the password used to access the Linnworks Account page

  • Click Change Password (Fig 3.1)
  • Enter the old password
  • Enter the new password twice
  • Click Change Password (Fig 3.2)
Fig 3.1   Fig 3.2 

4. Change Subscription

To Upgrade or downgrade current subscription

  • Click Change Subscription (Fig 4.1)
  • Select the required new Plan (Fig 4.2)
  • Click Checkout to proceed with change

Fig 4.1  Fig 4.2 

5. Linnworks Anywhere Control Panel

Provides options to set up direct database access, API access and additional email access

The options available will depend on the subscribed plan

  • Click Linnworks Anywhere control Panel (Fig 5.1)

Fig 5.1  

Connection to Linnworks Anywhere database

  • This option is only available to Enterprise level subscribers
  • Click Create Login (Fig 5.2) to set up new Database Login credentials
  • Click Reset Password to change the password
  • Click Delete Access to remove the Database Login credentials

Fig 5.2  

API Tokens

  • This option is only available to Standard or above level subscribers
  • Select the type of Token required, Complex or Simple
  • Click Create (Fig 5.3)
  • Use the token to connect to Linnworks using API

Fig 5.3  

Grant access to Linnworks and LinnLive for additional email

  • This option is only available to all levels of Anywhere subscription
  • Enter the required additional email address
  • Click Add Email
  • An automated email will be sent providing details on how to connect to your database
  • Login to Linnworks using MultiLogin.exe which can be found in your Linnworks installation folder