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Order Item Exchange


Once an order is shipped the customer way wish to return the product to you and exchange it for another. In this case you need to log this information so that the product stock level is increased (if you are returning to stock or scrap log is recorded if you are scrapping it) and new order is raised containing the new item to be sent to the customer. You can only do product exchange on processed orders (i.e. orders that have been shipped), if you need to change the item to be sent out in the open order, simply edit the order by removing and adding new order item.

Processing an Exchange

To process an exchange go to Order Book -> Processed Orders, search for the order that has item/s that need exchanging.

Select the order and press the Exchange Item button on the quick link bar.

Alternatively this can be achieved by Right Clicking on the order and selecting Action -> Exchange.

This will then display the Manage Item Exchange Screen. To view the full order information, click the View Order button 

To create a new exchange for an order item click the New Exchange button. This will then diplay the Create New Exchange menu. From here you can do the following:

  • For: Select the new item that is going to be sent to the customer
  • Return Qty: The quantity that the customer has returnd, this cannot be over the origional order quantity
  • Scrap: If checked the item will not be returned into stock. 
  • Resend Qty: The quantity of the new item that is being sent instead
  • Return To: The location that the stock needs returning to.
  • Category: This is the reason category for the exchange, this can be useful for seeing trends in exchanges.
  • Reason: The specific reason for exchanging the item.

Clicking the For button presents you with a detailed search menu that can be used to find an item by SKU, item name or barcode. The search results then displays the SKU, availability by location and pricing of the items. You can choose which item you wish to add as an exchange by either double-clicking it or selecting it and pressing Enter.

Once all the required information has been entered press Create Exchange followed by Apply to confirm the process.

A new order is then raised, which you can go ahead and finalise by selecting Yes on the Edit new order? prompt. This will then open the edit order screen. Alternatively select No and this will save the order for processing.


You can then select Save Order to add this to your open orders.

If a refund amount was selected then a record will be created in the Returns Refunds screen. 

Booking an Exchange

Booking an exchange is the same process as creating an exchange; however it will create a log in the Return Refunds screen which can be processed at a later date. This is useful if a customer calls notifying you that they are going to be returning an item for exchange. 

To Book an exchange right click on the selected order in the Processed Orders screen and select Action -> Exchange Booking.


From the Booking Exchange screen you can see order information for the selected order, with further details available if you click the View Order button. Select New Exchange Booking to create a new exchange booking for this order.

You will be presented with the Create New Exchange screen, on which you can enter the details relating to the exchange.


Complete all of the fields on the form and click Create Exchange Booking to create the exchange record. You can use the built in search function for the For field to find the item that you need to send in exchange and you can filter by SKU, item name or barcode.


Once the exchange booking has been created, it can be viewed on the Returns Refunds screen. You may need to Refresh this screen before the return appears in the list of open returns.

Once the item has been returned, select the order from Returns Refunds and click the green tick under the Action column to bring up the Action Booking screen. From here you can make changes to the return by clicking the Edit icon, or click the Convert selected Return / Exchange button to complete the exchange.