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Order Item Return


When a customer returns an item for any reason you generally need to mark it as a return for stock control purposes. It also instructs the system not to take this order item into account when producing sales statistics. The order item can only be returned when an order has been processed.

Processing a return

Open the Processed Orders Screen in the Order Book tab. Here you can search for processed orders and review detailed information about the post process state of the order. Post process state is additional information regarding the order, such as additional communication, returns, resends, refunds, etc.

To return an order item, select an order and click the Return Item button.

Alternatively Right Click on the order Action > Return Order Items.

This will then display the Returns Management screen for the selected order. Here you can create the returns for the order. Here you will be able to process returns and refunds for the selected order and it's items.

To view more order information click the View Order button. This will display all information about the order.

To create a new return for an order item, click the New Return button, this will display the Create New Return pop-up.

Here you can select:

  • Order Item: The item that is being returned to stock. Only one stock item can be retuned at a time, however it can have multiple quantities.
  • Quantity: Amount being returned to stock. This cannot be more than the origional amount ordered
  • Location: Where the stock is being returned to.
  • Refund: The amount being refunded for the order, on the right will show the individual price for the item.
  • Scrap Item: ie if the item is not to be returned into stock because it is faulty
    • If an item is scrapped, it is returned to stock and then removed from stock as a scrapped item. This creates a full order audit trail.
  • Category: These are used to help best describe what the reason for the return is, for example if the item was damaged, faulty or unwanted.
  • Reason: The reason is used as specific reason for that item return.

Categories and Reasons are order line specific, this us useful for gathering information about items that are being refunded.

Once you have finished editing the item click, Create Return. This will process the return for the selected item.

When an item has been returned it cannot be returned again. This is indicated when clicking New Return and the item sku, name and quantity has a strike-through.

The retuning box will also display "Cannot return this item. All items already returned".

Once the items have been returned close the screen by clicking the X on the top right.

Processing the refund for the Returns Refunds

Once the item has been retuned it will create a Refund log in the Returns Refunds screen.

Booking a Return

Booking a return is the same process as creating a return; however it will create a log in the Return Refunds screen which can be processed at a later date. This is useful if a customer calls notifying you that they are going to be returning the item. 

To Book a return right click on the selected order in the Processed Orders screen and select Action -> Return Booking


From the Booking Return screen you can see order information for the selected order, with further details available if you click the View Order button. Select Book New Return to create a new return booking for this order.

You will be presented with the Create New Return Booking screen, on which you can enter the details relating to the return. Complete all of the fields on the form and click Create Return Booking to create the return record.


Once the return booking has been created, it can be viewed on the Returns Refunds screen. You may need to Refresh this screen before the return appears in the list of open returns.

Once the item has been returned, select the order from Returns Refunds and click the green tick under the Action column to bring up the Action Booking screen. From here you can make changes to the return by clicking the Edit icon, or click the Convert selected Return / Exchange button to complete the return.