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PayPal Integration


PayPal Integration is normally used in conjunction with eBay order book integration. The functionality allows you to:

  • Download payments made by PayPal for product/services or an invoice outside of eBay channel
  • Update eBay order with PayPal shipping address and any payment notes entered during the checkout process

Please note that PayPal alone (without eBay) is not enough to obtain accurate information about items bought on eBay, as it does not include individual item costs and selected postal service. The PayPal Integration also needs to be enabled in order for it to communicate with other channels. 



  • Paypal API Credentials.


Quick Guide

1. Retrieve the API Credentials from PayPal

2. In Linnworks, go to Settings -> Channel Integration

3. Click on Add New Channel -> Select PayPal and Integrate

4. Enter API Credentials and click Test.

5. Click Save to finish.


Detailed Guide

1. Get the API Credentials from PayPal.

  • Go to
  • Sign into your account.
  • Enter API Credentials in the search box on the top right hand corner of the screen and select API Credentials from the drop down box. Fig 1.1
  • Select the top option API Access - PayPal. Fig 1.2
  • This should redirect you to
  • Choose Option 2 to view the API Signature. This navigates to the API Credentials page. 


Fig 1.1 Select Option 2 Fig 1.2 Search for API Fig 1.3 Choose option 2

These are the details that are needed for the Integration with Linnworks.

  • Fig 1.4
Fig 1.4  API Credentials


2. In Linnworks, go to Settings -> Channel Integration.

  • Login to Linnworks
  • Select the Settings tab at the top of the screen. Fig 2.1
  • Select Channel Integration. Fig 2.2
Fig 2.1  Settings Fig 2.2  Channel Integration


3. Click on Add New Channel -> Select PayPal and Integrate.

  • Click on the Add New Channel button. Fig 3.1
  • Select PayPal from the drop down box. Fig 3.2
  • Click on the Integrate button. Fig 3.3
Fig 3.1  Add New Channel Fig 3.2  PayPal Fig 3.3  Integrate


4. Enter API Credentials and click Test.

  • Enter the API Credentials gained in step 1. Fig 4.1
  • Tick the Enable button. Fig 4.2
  • Click on the Test API button. Fig 4.3
Fig 4.1  API Credentials Fig 4.2  Enable Account Fig 4.3  Test API


5. Click Save to finish.

  • Click on Save to Finish the PayPal Integration. Fig 5.1
Fig 5.1  Save to Finish


Additional Settings

6. Last Sync Time

  • This box shows when the last sync with this channel took place
  • It's configured by Year-Month-Day Hour-Minutes-Seconds

7. Only eBay Auction payments

  • If ticked only the payment transactions with eBay Auctions will be downloaded.

8. Ignore transaction with Custom field

  • If ticked any custom fields in a channels order won't be linked to the PayPal transaction code.