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Processed Orders


Once the order is processed (marked as dispatched/shipped) it will disappear from Open Orders and will be moved to Processed Orders. You can access this screen by going to Order Book -> Processed Orders. The screen has very flexible search facility which will attempt to find an order by virtually any piece of information you give it. You can also set different date range restriction filters to limit the search of processed orders.

In the order life cycle generally when the order has been processed it is at the end of the cycle. The exception to this is when an order is returned, exchanged or resent.

Processed Orders Screen

The processed orders screen can be found in Order Book.

To search orders select the start and end date of the search and the search criteria in the search box and press search.

Where it is possible to search all dates, if there are a lot of processed orders this can slow down the search time. It is also not suggested to select for all dates and then search without criteria.

From the processed orders screen it is possible to:

  • Export all searched items to CSV
  • Save the grid to Excel
  • Repirnt Invoices
  • Return Items
  • Resend Items
  • Exchange Items
  • View order information

To quickly view the items or audit trail for the press the plus sign on the left of each order.

processed_screen_expand sign.png

Once clicked it will display the order items sub table and audit trail tab. This can be useful for quickly looking up information about an order without opening the order information screen.

To process an action on an order right click on the order and select an option from the menu.

  • View are used to view information about the order.
  • Action is for processing returns, exchanges and resends.
  • Post sale is used for booking returns and exchanges


Returned Orders

When an order is returned, the order's audit trail and return status is updated and the item is put back into stock (unless the item is scrapped). Once an order has been returned then it cannot be returned again.

Items for orders can can be returned individually and order notes can be applied for reason of return. Items can also be scrapped if they are returned damaged or not fit for resale.

Resent Items

If an order is resent then a new order is created for the resend. The original order and the new order will both show relations to each other. When an order is resent individual items can be selected for resending. When an item is resent the order process is the same as normal. The order id for the new item will be a new order id and the reference will be the same as the original order. 

Reasons for resending an order could be; item lost by courier, item received by the customer damaged, wrong item sent.

Resent items have 0.00 value paid for the resent item as the customer has not paid for the resent item.

Exchanged Items

The difference between exchanged items and retuned items is that when an item is exchanged the item returned is put back into stock, additionally extra payment can be added if there is a difference between the origional amount paid. This is called additional charges. The item returned for exchange can be scrapped or returned to a location.

Once the exchange has been processed a new order is made with the new items and the additional charges.