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Processing a Refund


When a refund needs processing in Linnworks this can be done from the Processed Orders screen. There are may reasons for refunding an order without processing it as a return or exchange, for example if the order was lost in the post and the customer no longer wan't the item, or the order has been cancelled and needs refunding.

Processing a Refund

To process a refund go to Order Book -> Processed Orders, search for the order you wish to process the refund for. 

Click the Refunds button.

Alternatively Right click on the order select Action then Refunds.


This will then display the Refunds Screen 

Apply (top right)

  • This allows you to apply the refunds to the order

Actioned - I have issued the refund on the payment gateway

  • When ticked this will fully process the refund, if left unticked this will display the refund in the Returns Refunds screen for processing later

Refund Link (bottom right)

  • This is the link will take the user directly to the channel or payment provider to process the refund. Where No link available is shown, this means that there is not a payment link available for the selected order.

Adding a refund amount

To add a refund amount, enter the amount you wish to refund to the specific order line in the AddRefund column, this will then automatically calculate the amount to refund.

Note: The refund amount cannot be negative.

Once the Apply button is applied this will process the refund for the order.

Add Free Text

To add free text to the refund click the Add Free Text button. This will add a new line where you can edit the Reason and if needed refund amount.