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Processing an Order

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Order Processing

How to process orders One-by-one

This method is suited for smaller businesses where the job of managing online orders is delegated to one person (or two who work side by side). Also if you have mixed postage methods (USPS or Royal Mail, FedEx, DHL etc) this is also useful process as each postage label for the order can be printed automatically when you enter the Process Order screen.

Go to Order Book -> Open Orders

Printing an invoice

Right click on the order and select Print -> Print Invoices. This will then print the invoice for the selected order.

To print an invoice automatically when you process an order, right click on the orders screen and go to Configuration -> Order Book Settings and select the Automatically Print Invoice option.

Please see Order Book Config documentation to find out how to print an invoice automatically when a new order is recieved

Processing the order

First find the order you wish to process and click on it, next you can either press the Process Orders button or right click on the order and go to Actions -> Process Orders.

This will then display the Process Order Screen.

From the above screen you can print labels, print the invoice, change shipping method and packaging, add item weights, add a tracking number.

First Print the Invoice if you have not already done so.

Once you have printed the Label, if there is a tracking number, enter it in the Tracking Number field.

To finish processing the order click the Process Button (Bottom Right).

If you press the Skip button the order wont be processed. If you have made changes to an order make sure press Save Changes (top right).

Once you have processed the Order it will (if configured) send an email to the customer letting them know that the order has been dispatched. The order will then be marked as Processed and will be visible from the Processed Orders screen.

For details on how to configure the Process Order screen please see the Order Book Settings documentation.

Videos and Files

Order product barcode scanning

Barcode scanning products before despatching an order is useful for preventing the wrong products being shipped to the customer. Linnworks can be configured to require full order products scanning before the order can be marked as processed.

Order product serial number scanning

The video demonstrates how to configure linnworks to request the user to scan individual product serial numbers before the order can be processed