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Configure Integration

Once you have integrated your Rakuten UK account to work with Linnworks it will appear in the list of channels on the Channel Integration screen. From here you can enable / disable integration and inventory sync for each individual channel as well as access to the channel configuration and inventory mapping pages.


To enable / disable individual channel integration within Linnworks, simply click the small circle in the Enabled column that corresponds to the channel you wish to alter. A green light means that the channel is enabled in Linnworks, while a red light denotes that it is disabled.

Inventory Sync

The same process applies to the Inventory Sync function, clicking a circle will toggle between enabled and disabled for the specified channel. A green light means that the Linnworks will sync inventory with this channel while a red light indicates that it will not.


  • Clicking the Config button for a specified channel will bring up the Account Config menu for that channel
Fig 1.1 Rakuten UK Config

The Config screen can be broken down into the following sections which allows for control of how the integration will perform in terms of the information submitted to the channel and working with the downloaded orders

Account Settings

This contains the credentials entered during the initial creation of the integration

  • It is possible to update the credentials if there is change required due to updates made by Rakuten and to Test the credentials to ensure they are correct
Fig 2.1 Rakuten Account Settings


Control for downloading / updating orders on the channel

  • Mark as despatched
    • If this is ticked Linnworks will send Order Processed, Tracking number and selected shipping service to Rakuten once an order is marked as processed within Linnworks.
  • Last Order Sync [UTC]
    • Last known date of order update. Linnworks will download order updates from this point (Universal Time format). Only change this value if advised to by Linn Systems Technical Support.
Fig 3.1 Rakuten Order Settings


Link channel shipping methods to Linnworks shipping methods

  • Shipping Mapping
    • Rakuten shipping service selection can be mapped to a Linnworks Postal Service method for automatic assigning when an order is downloaded. 
    • Click the Allocate button to set up the linking. Fig 4.1
    • Select Click here to add a new row
    • Enter the Rakuken Shipping service name in the Tag column
    • Select the apprpriate Linnworks Postal service from the dropdown in the Linnworks Serveice column
    • Click Save once all new services have been added and mapped
Fig 4.1 Rakuten Shipping Settings Fig 4.2 Rakuten Shipping Mapping


Control of inventory levels submitted to the channel

  • Update Inventory
    • If ticked, Linnworks will be updating listings on Rakuten. 
    • If no stock is left, the listing will be ended. 
    • If you have stock the Available quantity listing will be updated. 
    • If the listing ended and you get more stock in, the listing will be relisted.
  • Update Inventory from locations
    • Use this to submit inventory levels from specific Linnworks locations
    • All Linnworks location will be listed and displayed as a unique row
    • To allow Linnworks to include stock from a Location tick the box in the Enabled column
Fig 5.1 Rakuten Inventory Update Fig 5.2 Rakuten Inventory Location Mapping
  • Default Max List Quantity
    • The maximum inventory level that will be submitted if a product specific Max Listed Quantity is not defined
    • eg Available = 20, Max List Qty = 10, therefore 10 will be submitted
  • Default Max List Percentage
    • The maximum percentage of available inventory level that will be submitted if a product specific Max Stock Percentage is not defined
    • eg Available = 20, Percentage = 50, therefore 10 will be submitted
    • eg Available = 20, Max List Qty = 10, Percentage = 50, therefore 5 will be submitted
  • Default End When Quantity
    • The level at which products will be made unavailable on the channel if a product specific End When Quantity is not defined
 Fig 5.3 Rakuten Inventory Quantities

Inventory Mapping

Please refer to the following guide on Inventory Mapping for Rakuten UK