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Order Item Resends


When you need to resend an item due to loss or damage, or simply post an additional item for the existing order you can log the order item as a resend. This will create a log record for the resend and create the new order with the total amount as 0 (unless an extra cost is specified). 

Processing a Resend

Open the Processed Orders Screen in the Order Book tab. Here you can search for processed orders and review detailed information about the post process state of the order. Post process state is additional information regarding the order, such as additional communication, returns, resends, refunds, etc.

To resend an order item, select an order and click the Resend Item button.

Alternatively Right Click on the order Action > Resend Order Items.

This will then display the Returns Management screen for the selected order. Here you can create the returns for the order.

To view more order information click the View Order button. This will display all information about the order.

To Resend the whole order click the Create complete order button.

This will then prompt to confirm the whole order should be sent.


Next it will prompt to either edit the order or just simply complete the creation of the resend.


If yes is selected it will create a new order and then open the Edit Order screen for editing, otherwise it will just create the new order.

To create a new resend for an order item, click the New Resend button, this will display the Create New Resend pop-up.

Here you can edit:

Resend Quantity - The quantity of the order item that is being resent

Additional Cost - The additional cost to the customer for resending the item.

Category - These are used to help best describe what the reason for the resend is, for example if the item was damaged, faulty, lost in the post etc.

Reason - The reason is used as specific reason for that item resend.

Once you have edited the details click Create Resend to create the resend for the order. This will then create the resend record for the order. Once finished click Apply to complete the resend for the order, this will then create a new order for the resend.