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Sears Inventory Mapping

To enable inventory synchronisation and link listed products on Sears to Linnworks inventory:

Click on the Mapping button in the Inventory Mapping column.



This will populate the list of products listed on Sears and will allow you to map them to inventory in Linnworks. Sears doesn’t provide the item titles for products listed on Sears, so you only have the SKU to go by when mapping.

Note: Sears will only provide SKUs for active inventory,(listings that have stock available).  Listings with no stock will not appear in the mapping tool.

From here you have three options:

If the product SKU’s in Linnworks match the product SKU’s in Sears, you can Auto Link by SKU. This is done by right-clicking on the list and selecting Link All by SKU. Confirm this action to let Linnworks match all unlinked items by SKU.

The second option you have is to manually link items. This can be done by selecting a product on the left side that needs linking, typing the name of the item into the search box on the right, before double clicking the product to link to that item.

If the product doesn’t exist in your inventory, you can create new product. Do this by right- clicking the product and selecting Create New Stock Item.

If you make any mistakes during this process, you can right-click a product and select Unlink to remove the inventory mapping.