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This Document describes how to set up Sears integration within Linnworks. Here you can find information about what functions Linnworks can perform while working with Sears and how to configure this channel.

Sears have updated their authentication method, as such all Sears order and Inventory synchronisation have been migrated to our fully automated synchonisation system. Local sync will no longer be used.

Setting up Sears Integration


The Sears integration allows the system to:

Automatically download new orders from Sears

Mark orders as despatched on Sears

Send out confirmation emails to Sears customers

Automatically adjust inventory across multiple Sears locations


To setup Sears integration go to Settings > Channel Integration. From this screen you can add, delete and modify selling channels that you wish Linnworks to integrate with.




Click the Add new channel button on the right of the screen to bring up the new channel selection screen. Click the “Integrate” button next to the Sears Channel



You will then be presented with the Sears Account Integration screen.



Website Name – The SubSource for your channel. This should be a unique name that you can use to identify your Sears channel.

Email Address  - The email address that you use for logging into Sears Seller Portal

Authentication Key – The authentication key obtained from your account settings in the Sears Seller Portal

Seller Id - The seller Id obtained from your account settings in the Sears Seller Portal

To obtain the Authentication Key and Seller Id, do as follows:

1. Log into the Sears Seller Portal via
2. Navigate to the Account Settings page via the blue button in the upper-right hand corner of the Home page, it should display your name and Seller Id
3. Click on the link that says “Account Info”, and scroll down to the “API Authorization Key” section and click the orange button labeled “Generate New Key.

Once you have entered this information, click the Test button to test the integration. An error message will appear if anything is wrong with the details that have been entered.

Configuring Sears Integration


Sears Location ID: This is the location ID of the Sears location that can be found in Sears Seller Portal.

Sears Location Name: Allows you to give the Sears Location ID a meaningful name in Linnworks for reference


Enabled: This enables the channel for order synchronisation

Mark as Despatched: When you process orders, this enables sending of despatch notification back to Sears

Last Order Sync Date (UTC): The last time that orders were synchronised.

UTC Offset: Offset order received time by number of hours. All orders are logged in the system in UTC time, if you want to offset to your local time zone use this setting. Otherwise leave as 0.

Default Currency: Sears does not provide currency in orders. Enter a currency in here that all orders will be downloaded with.


Inventory Sync: This enables the channel for inventory synchronisation

Location Mapping

Location Mapping: Clicking this button brings up the Sears Location Mapping screen. From here you can map locations on Sears to locations in Linnworks, binding the inventory from each Linnworks location to separate Sears locations. You need to supply the following information:

Linnworks Location:  The Linnworks location that the Sears location will be updated from. Select from the drop down menu.

Pick Up: Declares whether this location is a pick up location or not. Will be sent with inventory updates.


Shipping Mapping

This section is designed to ensure that Linnworks can correctly mark your orders as Dispatched on after you Process them, and that the correct shipping labels are printed, please see the information below:


Prior to beginning this task, please do the following:

1. In Linnworks, open Channel Integration (Settings > Channel Integration).
2. Under your Sears integration, click the Config button.
3. Click on the Shipping Mapping button. (Fig 1)
4. Take note of the values in the Tag column. (Fig 2)
5. Match these against the configured shipping services on your listings under your Sears account.
6. Click Exit to close the window.
7. Click Save to close the Channel Integration window.
Fig 1 Shipping Mapping Thumb.png Fig 2 eBay Config


Once you’ve completed the above steps to confirm the services you are mapping, update the Postal Services in Linnworks:

1. Open the Postal Methods screen in Linnworks.
  • a) Open Linnworks on your PC.
  • b) Select the Settings tab.
  • c) Select Postal Services Methods.
2. Confirm the Postal Services you will be matching within Linnworks to your Sears shipping services. Ensure their Vendors are set as the courier name from the table below.
  • a) For each Postal Service that you will be mapping, Click on the Vendor column.
  • b) Enter the Courier value.
  • c) Ensure it is retained when you hit Enter.
3. Repeat for all Postal Services you will be mapping.  

4. Update the Postal Service Name to include the Sears service name for the allowed service (

ie Sears Service is Ground, Postal Service is Fedex Smartpost. Name can be set as Fedex Smartpost Ground.)

  • a) For each Postal Service that you will be mapping, click on the Service column.
  • b) Update the Name value.
  • c) Ensure it is retained when you hit Enter.
  • d) Repeat for all Postal Services you will be mapping.

5. Close the Postal Services Methods tab.  

You should then use the Shipping Mapping functionality to link the Shipping Service in your Sears orders to specific Linnworks Post methods to give the most efficient and simple order procedure.

1. Open the Postal Methods screen in Linnworks.
  • a) Open Linnworks on your PC.
  • b) Select the Settings tab.
  • c) Select Postal Services Methods.
2. Map the Tag to a Linnworks Service to ensure that the Linnworks order will have the correct Postal Service allocated.  
  • a) Click the cell next to the first Tag. This should show a list of available Linnworks Services to map.
  • b) Select the appropriate service, as modified or configured in the previous section.
  • c) Repeat for all Tags.
3. Close the Postal Services Methods window.  
Note: If there is no match made between the Sears courier name and service and a Linnworks service, Linnworks will pass Courier Other and Service type Standard to when marking the order as Dispatched.

Sears Valid Shipping Services


Shipping Services



AIT Worldwide Logistics

AIM Transportation LTL
AM Home Delivery LTL
Home Direct USA


White Glove

Best Overnite LTL
Crystal Motor Express LTL
Ceva Logistics LTL
Conway LTL
Demar Standard
DHL Priority
Estes Express Lines LTL
Fox Brothers Transfer Incorporated LTL
FedEx Next Day

Second Day


FedEx Freight LTL
FedEx SmartPost Smart Post
Lasership LTL
Land Air Express LTL
Main Freight Inc LTL
Manna Freight Systems LTL
New England Freightways LTL
Old Dominion Freight LTL
Ontrack Logistics LTL
Pilot Freight Services LTL
Pitt Ohio LTL
Pickup Pickup
A. Duie Pyle LTL
YRC Freight LTL
R+L Carriers LTL
Road Runner LTL
Saia LTL Freight LTL
SJ Transportation LTL
Southeastern Freight Lines LTL
SEKO Worldwide LTL
Towne Air Freight LTL

Next Day

Second Day

Next Day Saver


Sure Post

USF Holland LTL


First Class

Standard Mail

Parcel Post