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To effectively keep track of where your payments have gone, you will need to set up payment methods within Linnworks. This will assist in knowing how a payment has been made ensuring that you dont lose track of your payments. For example if you have an order with a payment method of PayPal, you can immediately go to your PayPal account and track the the transaction.

Adding Payment Methods

To add a payment method to Linnworks

  • Select New Order from the Order book.
  • Click Add/Edit next to the Payment method dropdown to open the payment method dialogue.



  • Click on 'Add a new row' row

  Create a new payment method

  • Type the name of the payment method and exit the row to commit the new entry.
  • Before closing the dialogue, click Save to prevent losing the changes.


New Payment Methods

Mapping Payment Methods

Some channels provide a method of mapping their payment methods to the ones with Linnworks. To ensure that your orders have the correct payment method as selected in the channel, you are required to map the methods.

eBay Payment Mapping

  • Go to the eBay configurator - Settings > Channel Integration > Config
  • Select Map Payment Methods
  • Select from the drop down list the corresponding Linnworks service for the eBay service.

eBay PaymentMapping.jpg

Magento Payment Mapping

Refer to the Magento Channel Integration

Volusion Payment Mapping

Refer to Volusion Payment Mapping

Website Integration

Refer to Website Gateway Payment Methods