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Splitting Order Packaging


When an order contains multiple items, it is possible through this functionality to create multiple packages for shipping purposes. For couriers that support this feature through a direct integration Linnworks will request the required number of packages/labels.

Quick Guide

Here's the quick version of the instructions, for those that are already comfortable with performing such tasks. If you require full instructions please refer to the Detailed Guide

1. Open Orders -> Right click -> Actions -> Packaging -> Split Packaging
2. Drag/drop items from upper pane to lower pane to create multiple packages
3. Set Move Qty to split multiple of the same item into multiple packages
4. Set individual packaging group
5. Click Save

Detailed Guide

1. Open Orders -> Right click -> Actions -> Packaging -> Split Packaging

  • Order Book -> Open Orders
  • Select the required Order
  • Right click -> Actions -> Packaging -> Split Packaging (Fig 1.1)
  • Split Packaging dialog will be opened (Fig 1.2)
Fig 1.1 Settings Fig 1.2 Settings

2. Drag/Drop

  • Select each item one by one from the upper pane and drag into the lower pane to create multiple packages (Fig 2.1)
  • A new package will be created in the lower pane (Fig 2.1)
  • It is possible to include mutiple items to the same package by dragging and dropping multiple items into one package (Fig 2.3)
Fig 2.1 Settings Fig 2.2 Settings Fig 2.3 Settings

3. Move Quantity

  • If an order item is made up of multiple stock items, and they need to be split into multiple packages it is possible by setting the Move Quantity prior dragging into a package
  • Select the row for the required item
  • Click in the cell in Move Quantity column to start editing
  • Enter the quantity required to moved to a package and hit enter (Fig 3.1)
  • Drag the item to the lower pane to either create a new a package or add to an existing package
Fig 3.1 Settings

4. Packaging Group

  • It is possible to allocate a different Packaging Group to each individual package
  • Select the required Group from the Packaging drop down (Fig 4.1)
  • The Packaging Type will be automatically set based on the Item(s) Weight/Dimensions within the package
Fig 4.1 Settings

5. Save

  • Prior to Saving all items must be moved from the upper pane into packages in the lower pane
  • Click the Save button at the top right (Fig 5.1)
Fig 5.1 Settings