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Stock Item Label Designer


Stock Item labels are used in the storage of Stock, they are used to give a generic label to your stock item for identification, Stock Control and Picking and Packing purposes among other reasons. The label Designer is the functionality that denotes what information is displayed on the label, its size and how many are printed on each sheet and in total.

Accessing Stock Item Label Designer

There are 2 ways to access the Stock Item Label Designer

Via Edit Stock Item

  • Inventory Control -> My Inventory
  • Select an Inventory Item
  • Click the "Edit Item" button
  • Click the "Label Designer" button on the Description Tab (Fig 1.1)
Fig 1.1 Settings

Via Print Labels

  • Inventory Control -> My Inventory
  • Click the "Print Labels" button (Fig 2.1)
  • Click the "Label Designer" button (Fig 2.2)
Fig 2.1 Settings Fig 2.2 Settings

Stock Item Label Edit

The Stock Item Label Designer is split into the following distinct areas

  • Printer and sheet layout
  • Label design
  • Preview
  • Global/Local

Printer and Sheet Layout

  • Select the default printer, Paper Type and Orientation
  • If "Select Printer" is set as the default printer, Linnworks will prompt for which printer to be used when required

     Below is the list of variables that the Label Designer supplies for customisation of the Stock Item Label.
     The dimensions of the label dictate how many will fit on to one page.
     You will need to alter the size of each label and how many rows and columns the sheet contains to suit your paper.

  • Labels Per Sheet ~ This will instruct the Label Designer how many Labels to try to fit onto a single sheet
  • Rows ~ This value will instruct the Label Designer how many rows of labels fit on a single sheet
  • Columns ~ This value will instruct the Label Designer how many rows of labels fit on a single sheet
  • Width ~ This value defines the overall width of each individual label
  • Height ~ This value defines the overall height of each individual label
  • Top Margin ~ This value defines the margin at the top edge of each sheet
  • Left Margin ~ This value defines the margin at the left edge of each sheet
  • H.Spacing ~ This value defines the horizontal spacing between each label
  • V.Spacing ~ This value defines the vertical spacing between each label


Fig 3.1 Settings 

Label Design

 The Label Design area allows the user to define the required content layout of the Stock Item Label

  • Drag Labels from the tool strip onto the label (Fig 4.1)
  • Postion and resize by dragging the label box handles or by editing the Top/Left/Width/Height


  • Double-click on label to open a dialog to edit the contents (Fig 4.2)
  • From here it is possible to edit the labels Font, Font Colour, Fill, Text Alignment and Borders
  • Free text can be used to act as a heading on the label
  • Variables can be inserted, these are dynamically created tags that generate text about the stock item
  • For example if the Item Title is required insert the tag [{ItemTitle}]


  • It is possible to set a label to display a Barcode of the inserted Text/Variable. 
  • This can be very useful when displaying the Item Number
  • The barcode it's self is a 3of9 variable length barcode


Fig 4.1 SettingsFig 4.2 Settings 

Custom Text

  • The [{CustomText}] variable is useful when wanting to print information such as Expiration Dates on labels
  • To enable prompting for the the following setting is required to be ticked
  • Settings -> Application Settings -> Stock Item Labels -> Show Prompt for free text fields (Fig 4.3)
  • Prompt for each item will force Linnworks to prompt for a value for each individual label



Fig 4.3 Settings

Extended Properties

  • It is possible to print Additional data on the stock Item Label using the following variables
    • [{Additional1}] , [{Additional2}], [{Additional3}], [{Additional4}], [{Additional5}]
    • The type for the Extended Property must be set to 'Stock Item Label'
  • These are linked to Extended Properties on the Inventory Item (Fig4.4)


Fig 4.4 Settings


 The Preview area display a representation of a full sheet of labels

  • Click Print Preview to see an enlarged view
  • Click Refresh to update the view



Global Label & Local Label Settings

Label Design_Global Local.png

If you chose the Global label setting all computers that access Linnworks will be able to use and access this label. Selecting Local Label means that the label template is stored locally on that computer and can’t be accessed from the other computers. This is useful if you want to print different labels from different machines.

Remember to hit the save button before you exit this screen to commit your changes.