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Linnworks has the ability to work with multiple Locations (warehouses), joining stock from all Locations to sell on channels or just individual locations. When processing an order, the stock will be taken from the location you are in. The reason for this is Linnworks is based around the concept of Real World Inventory Control, or in other words, you can't ship what you do not actually have (from the location you are in), this also means that it is not possible to take stock from multiple locations at the same time.


Warehouse One has 10 in stock of item AA1422

Warehouse Two has 15 in stock of item AA1422

There are 12 orders for item AA1422

You can process Warehouse One cannot ship all 12 orders, however it can ship 10 therefore Warehouse Two needs to ship 2 of the orders. Since you are in Warehouse One you cannot ship items physically until you change your location, ie go to the other warehouse. This is where linnworks multi location comes in. You can have employees from Warehouse One and Warehouse Two shipping orders simultaneously however, when an order is processed the stock is taken from the location that it was processed in.

With this same example, Warehouse One and Warehouse Two could ship 6 each so that both don't run out of stock or Warehouse Two could process all of the orders as they can fulfil all of the orders. This could be better practice when picking and packing to save time when shipping orders.


Can I have a negative stock value?

No.  Linnworks Order Management it is not possible to have a negative stock level. This is because within this concept you cannot ship what do not have, as a result if it is being shipped the stock should be in linnworks. 

Should I have multiple locations for the same Warehouse?

Ideally this is not a good idea. Linnworks has the ability to handle stock locations by bin/rack location therefore it is best to have the Location as the warehouse (e.g Warehouse One) and then provide a specific Bin/Rack location for the selected item. 

Can I combine locations to channels?

Yes you can, the are options for each integration whether to combine or send all stock to one location. The settings will depend on each selling channel integration. This option can be useful if you are selling in multiple countries and want to aviod shipping internationally for items when you have them in stock in that particular country.