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The Error

The response from the server returned invalid dataset. Please refer to the log to see the response. There are multiple root element. Line 2, position 2.

This error means that invalid XML was returned when the integration script was queried. This can be caused invalid xml, if you are running a version of PHP lower than PHP5, your MySQL is lower than 4.1, or your integration script is incorrect.


Check your MySQL Version

Check that your web server is running MySQL version 4.1 or later. Your server will need to be upgraded.

Check your PHP Version

Check that your web server is running PHP version 5 or later.

Create a file called info.php and put the following code in the file.


Upload it to your website in the same directory as the linnworks integration script, then view the file in a browser. It will then tell you the version of PHP you are running.

If the version is less than version 5 then you will need to upgrade your version of php to version 5 or later.

Note: Some hosts have php5 running however they set the default to version 4, you will need to contact them to enable php5 as default.

Users who use 1and1 hosting will need to add the following line to their .htaccess (in the same directory as the integration script) file to enable version 5.

AddType x-mapp-php5 .php

It is suggested when doing this that you put the integration script in a folder that does not have any of your websites cart/CMS files in.

Database Prefix

Your database tables may be prefixed. You will need to modify the script to add the prefix to the table queries.

FROM prefix_TableName

INNER JOIN prefix_TableName

LEFT OUTER JOIN prefix_TableName

Different Database Schema

While the integration scripts may work for most of the verisons of your cart, ocassionally updates cause your database schema to change and therefore you will need to change the script accordingly to allow for the changes. This is also true for modifications anything out side the default install my need a new integration script, either you will need to write one or you can ask Linn Systems to write one for you.