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Volusion Inventory Mapping

Currently the Volusion integration needs you to download a CSV file from your Volusion Admin account and load it into the Mapping tool when it opens in order to map Listings to inventory items.

Downloading the CSV file from Volusion

1. Login to the Admin account for your Volusion store.

2. Click on 'Inventory', then 'Import/Export'.


3. Select 'Standard Export' from the row of tabs towards the top of the page. The heading will change to 'Data Export'.


4. Change the value next to 'Export From' to 'Products' using the drop-down menu.

5. In the 'Columns' options, select the following fields by ticking the boxes next to them: Product Code Product Name Stock Status

6. Scroll down, and change the 'File Format' to 'CSV' from the drop-down menu.

7. Click on 'Export'.

8. Volusion will process the file you requested. A button will appear to the right of the screen after refreshing to 'Download' the file. The file is only available for download for a short period after creation.

9. The file will be downloaded by your browser to your default Download folder.

Opening the mapping tool

1. After opening Linnworks, select the 'Settings' tab.


2. Select 'Channel Integration'.


3. In the list of integrations you have setup, locate the Volusion Site integration you want to work with. Select the 'Mapping' button for that entry.


4. You will be prompted to import the CSV you downloaded previously. Ensure the values under 'Column' and 'fileColumn' correspond before selecting 'OK'. There is a 'Preview' button if you want to verify. This will then populate the mapping tool with your Volusion listings. This may take a brief while to update the mappings.

Linking listings to Inventory Items

1. If you wish to link a Linnworks Inventory Item with a Volusion listing, you must first select on the left hand side the listing you wish to map to. This will then become highlighted.


2. Once you have selected the required Listing, you can then enter the SKU or partial SKU you would like to search for in the appropriate part of the right hand side of the screen, followed by 'Enter'.


3. Double click on the result in the right hand pane you want to Link to the listing highlighted in the left hand pane.


Unlinking Listings

1. First locate the listing you wish to unlink.

2. Right click on the line containing that listing.


3. Select 'Unlink' from the menu. The 'LinkedTo' field will be emptied.


Create New Stock Item

If you have a listing on your Volusion site, but no associated Stock item, you can ask Linnworks to create a basic stock item from the details in the listing and link them.

1. Right click the listing in question.


2. Select the option 'Create New Stock Item'.


3. The 'LinkedTo' field will be populated with the details of the new stock item.

4. The new item will also appear in your Inventory,with the same SKU as the Listing. It will only have a small amount of detail inherited, so you will need to populate the rest of the information either manually or via CSV. It will be created with the SKU, Name and Price, and will inherit the System Default Tax Rate. All other settings will also be blank, or set to default for the item.

Link All by SKU

If you have identical SKUs in Linnworks and Volusion for items that are currently unlinked, this option will direct Linnworks to match and link those items automatically.


Create All

If you have a number of unlinked items where you do not have a corresponding Inventory item, then you can use this command to instruct Linnworks to create inventory items for all those listings and link them. As with the 'Link All by SKU' command, these Inventory items will only have minimal data inherited from the Volusion listings.


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