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Warehouse Transfer


Warehouse Transfer is designed to allow stock to be transferred from one location to another, it uses the process of creating a transfer card which has transfer stages which follow the full process of transferring stock from one location to another
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Creating Transfer Overview Screen Request State Stock Levels Archive Properties, Audit, Notes


Note: Warehouse Transfer is not available for Linnworks Local users.
Note: Amazon FBA and Fulfilment Centres are not supported via Warehouse Transfer as Linnworks does not have access to control booking of stock into these locations.


The Locations View displays all undelivered transfers for either a specific location or for all locations. From here, key information on transfers is displayed and cards can be quickly selected and edited.

The Location selection box at the top left hand corner of the screen displays all of the locations that transfers can be related to, if a transfer has a to or from location which is the current location selected, the transfer will be displayed on the transfers view below. Fig 1

Fig 1  Location Selection
Note: You can also select "All Locations" which will display all locations and undelivered transfers.


There are 5 options to search transfers by, these are the following:

  • SKU
  • Title
  • Barcode
  • TransferRef
  • BinRef

Select the search option and enter a search term to filter the transfers in the current location selected by the search term. Fig 2

Fig 2  Search
Note: Delivered and deleted transfers can be found on the Archive Screen.

New Transfer & New Request

To create a new transfer, click on either "New Transfer", or "New Request" to bring up the location selection. Depending on which button was clicked, you will be prompted to select the location to deliver stock to, or request stock from.

Once you have selected the location to deliver, or request stock, you will be transferred to the Edit Transfer screen. Fig 3

Fig 3  New Transfer